7 Travel-Friendly Resistance Band Moves for Total Body Toning

Whether you’re traveling for the holidays, always on-the-go or simply looking for a convenient workout, the resistance band is an awesome tool.  Small enough to easily slip in your bag and cost effective, resistance bands don’t rely on gravity to provide resistance like dumbbells do, meaning that you can complete more functional movements across different planes of movement to challenge your body in a different way.  Sound good?  Try these top moves from the Booya library which incorporate multiple muscle groups into a single exercise to burn even more calories.


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Plie Squat with Triceps Press

Engage your inner thighs by holding a plie squat while toning up your triceps using the resistance band!  Begin in a wide stance, toes turned out as your lower your body towards the floor and lift the band overhead, keeping your hands wide.  Side bend, letting your bottom arm drop as an anchor and then bend your top elbow and then press to perform a triceps press. Repeat on the other side.


W Raise

The W Raise is a great move for strengthening your upper back and improving shoulder flexibility. Resting on your knees, wrap the band under your shins, or sit on it while maintaining a cross legged position if you need to modify or have bad knees.  Lean your body forward, engaging your abs as you lift your hips off your heels.  Holding your arms in a “W” position, press the band overhead to form a “V”, and then lower back into your “W” once again.


Side Lunge with Fly

This multi-part move has you holding a static side lunge to engage the quadriceps and side glutes while also working your upper body.  Begin in a wide stance, and bend your left knee, keeping your right leg straight and ensuring that your bent knee is directly above your ankle.  Bring the resistance band to chest height, arms extended, as you open your arms in short pulses, keeping your muscle contracted.


Boat Pose with Side Fly

While your entire core is firing throughout this position, you’ll really be targeting your upper body as well Begin on your back, wrapping the band once around your feet and crossing it over, knees bent and feet on the floor.  Scoop out your belly as you lean back halfway, and raise your feet off the floor.  Maintaining this position, extend your arms out to the side in a fly, and then moving them in front of your body once again.  If you need to modify this exercise, simply keep your feet on the floor.


Forward Lunge with Side Raise

Work your deltoids while incorporating your lower body with this move.  Step on the band with your left foot, stepping your right foot behind you.  Keeping your feet square with your hips, bend your knees to lower your body towards the floor as your extend the band out to the side with your arms.  Lower your arms to the side as you stand up tall, and repeat, always ensuring that your knees are tracking in line with your ankles. Exhale as you drop and inhale when you come up.

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Biceps Curl, Row, & Glute Kickback

This challenging move will really test your balance while working your arms in various ways.  Begin with the band under your right foot, pressing your weight into the floor as you raise your left knee.  Perform a bicep curl here and then lean forward, sending your leg back and performing a row before bending your knee and coming forward again.  If you need to modify, tap your back leg to the floor as you perform the row. Ensure that your hips remain square throughout the entire course of the movement.


Side Plank with Oblique Reach

This move is a mega challenge for your abs, and especially targets those obliques!  Begin by wrapping the band around your shoulders, pulling it tight.  Walk out into a plank, placing the band between your hands and the mat.  Press your left hand into the floor as your raise your right hand, rolling into a side plank.  Holding the side plank, reach your top hand under your ribs, and then extending straight again.  Modify by coming onto your knees and elbow.




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