9 Fresh Spring Detox Recipes

The sun is shining, which means we’re craving fresh, light and nourishing meals!  These detox recipes are filled with cleansing and refreshing ingredients to help you eat clean while enjoying the warmer weather.



Farro, Roasted Beet, & Citrus Salad // Life is But a Dish

Roasted beets and juicy oranges are the star of this salad, which gets plenty of healthy fats and fiber from the addition of farro, toasted hazelnuts and feta cheese.  A homemade basil vinaigrette is drizzled over top to complete the dish!


Detoxifying Raspberry Cayenne Smoothie // Mama Bullock

This invigorating smoothie is filled with some of our favorite fruit from the season like raspberries, mangoes and peaches.  You’ll also get health benefits from the addition of detoxifying powerhouses like honey, tumeric, ginger, cayenne and lemon.


Kale Apple Ginger Green Juice // Peach & The Cobbler

The bright green color of this green juice is thanks to nutrient-packed ingredients like kale, cucumber, apple and celery, with a bit of zing from the addition of lemon and ginger.


Green Spring Salad // Green Evi

We just can’t get over how beautiful this salad is!  The showstopper is piled high with green produce like asparagus, broccolini, peas and avocado.


Mexican Style Lentil Detox Salad // Two Purple Figs

With a bounty of rainbow vegetables, this delicious Mexican-inspired salad gets protein from lentils and is topped off with an incredible guacamole dressing.

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Asparagus & Snap Bowl // The Gantzery

This delicious meal-in-a-bowl is a great way to get plenty of veggies with breakfast, but is also perfect any time of the day!  An egg and smoked salmon are combined with veggies like asparagus and snap peas alongside a mustard and lemon dressing.


Cinnamon Roasted Sweet Potato Blueberry Salad // Whitty Paleo

For a delicious and paleo-friendly salad, this is perfect!  Greens, cinnamon roasted sweet potato and fresh blueberries are drizzled with a fresh balsamic reduction.


Spring Roasted Radish, Mozzarella, and Basil Salad // Jenny Shea Rawn

This light salad is a perfect mix of tender greens, roasted radish, fresh mozzarella cheese and basil. Yum!


Salmon and Parsnip Mash with Sauteed Leeks // Honestly Fitness

Highlighting the best of the spring season, this bowl is filed with salmon, lemon roasted asparagus, sauteed leeks and a parsnip mash for a complete meal.


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