A Year in Review: The Top Health and Wellness Trends of 2015

As we head into 2016, it’s always fun to look back at the year in review.  In this post, we’re exploring the top health and wellness trends of 2015 and whether they’ll be sticking around.



Mindfulness has been a huge buzzword this past year, and will likely continue into 2016.  The idea of being in the present moment has translated into meditation classes and activities like coloring.



Tabata and HIIT are loved for burning mega calories and fat in less time.  Short, intense workout are going to continue to trend into 2016 as people look for a way to get results all wrapped up in a shorter workout sesh.

Bone Broth

Bone broth was huge in holistic health, said to help improve joint health, boost immunity, improve gut heath and boost energy.  While bone broth will likely stick around, we’re seeing a movement towards soup as a health food, with soup cleanses being the new juice cleanses.


Activated Charcoal

Activated Charcoal was all the buzz in skincare products, and even translated into juicing for it’s ability to help absorb toxins.  Beauty elixirs, products that you ingest that contain ingredients that are associated with skin health, will be all the rage in 2016.  Moon Juice’s Beauty Dust, which is mixed into hot or cold liquid, is one example.


Designer Activewear

Activewear designed by designers such as Kate Spade, Derek Lam and Stella McCartney brought fitness wear to the runway in 2015.  What’s new for 2016?  Expect a rise in atheleisure, clothes which can easily transition from your workout to your daily life.


With some refering to sitting as “the new smoking” the goal was to spend less time on our backside and work towards the goal of 10,000 steps per day.  As we move into 2016, we’re seeing more to help get us up out of our seats, with standing desks becoming popular in some offices.

Acai Bowls

With an ice cream texture and a bright berry color, acai bowls were not only perfect for Instagram snaps, but also packed with antioxidants.  The bowl trend will continue into 2016, with Microbowls, Buddha Bowls and Broth Bowls also getting their place in the spotlight.



This fermented, fizzing drink was the heath drink of 2015, with many loving the probiotics the drink provided.  Expect even more fermented foods in 2016, with kefir and a slough of fermented veggies becoming more popular.

Treadmill Studios

Classes like Barry’s Bootcamp and Mile High Run Club  helped to make treadmill classes the new spin studio.  Boutique workouts that turn a typical solo workout into a group experience will be booming in 2016, with rowing classes and boxing boutiques popping up across the country.


Cold Brew Coffee

Cold brew coffee, which contains less acid and tastes less bitter than typical brewed coffee, is readily available and was a huge trend in 2015.  While caffeinated options will likely stick around, there’s also a movement to coffee alternatives which actually taste like coffee such as Tececcino Dandelion Root Tea.


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