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14 Healthy Gingerbread Recipes

Sweet and spicy, there’s nothing better around the holidays than the flavor of gingerbread.  To get your fix, try one of these delicious healthy treats.


Raw Gingerbread // Laura Peill

These raw gingerbread cookies require no baking, making them quick and easy!  They’re also made with Medjool dates so they’re free of any refined sugar.

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All Treats, No Tricks!: Healthy Halloween Treats

While those fun-sized Halloween candies don’t seem so bad, there can be plenty of calories and sugar packed into such a small treat.  If you’d still like to enjoy a little Halloween treat, there’s plenty of more wholesome options.  Here are our top picks for healthy Halloween treats.

bbf-spooky-snacks-450x700pxBitsy’s Brainfood Spooky Snacks

Bitsey’s Brainfood spooky snacks are perfect for the Trick or Treat bowl or for a Halloween party.  The alphabet shaped cookies are fun for kids, plus there are veggies like beets and sweet potato hidden in the cookies for extra nutrients.


Surf Sweets Treat Packs

While most gummies contain artificial coloring, flavoring and corn syrup, Surf Sweets keeps things clean.  These organic fruity bears packets are made with fruit juice and sweetened with cane sugar.


Endangered Species Dark Chocolate Bug Bites

Because of its antioxidant content, dark chocolate is always a great option. These fun bug bites from Endangered Species are made with delicious, fair-trade dark chocolate.



 YumEarth Organic Pops

These natural lollipops are gluten-free and free of any artificial color and flavors.  They’re also low in calories, makin51kvrqinzqlg them great if you’re craving something sweet.


Unreal Candy  Candy Coated Milk Chocolates

While your favorite candies are delicious, they’re often loaded with not-so-great for you stuff like chemical preservatives, GMOs, soy, and more.  Unreal remakes your favorite candies, subbing in whole food ingredients like extra cacao and peanuts.

Justin’s Peanut Butter Cups

We’re all for a good PB cup, but many are really high in sugar and hydrogenated oils. Justin’s delicious option contains organic peanuts and cocoa butter.


BoomChickaPop Popcorn

Because its high in fiber, popcorn makes a great snack.  These treat bags from Boomchicka Pop are low-calorie and made with whole grains, making them a great option.


6 Must-Do Exercises for Runners

While running is an awesome exercise in and of itself, strength training is also an important part of becoming a better runner.  Incorporating exercises that work your hamstrings, glutes and core can help you hit new distance and speed PR’s while also preventing injury.



Many runners are hamstring dominant, which can lead to unbalance and an improper running form.  The deadlift uses a hip hinge that is important in running to strengthen and help you learn to engage your glutes.

How-To: With dumbbells in hand and feet shoulder-width apart, hinge at the hips, keeping a slight bend in your knees as you lower the dumbbells along your shins.  Go as far as possible while still maintaining a flat back and then squeeze your glutes to come back up.

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