Behind-the-Scenes with Grit by Brit


Brittani Rettig holds several national and global fitness certifications including the Aerobics and Fitness Association of America (AFAA), BeachBody, Les Mills, Schwinn and teaches group fitness classes for W Hotels and 24 Hour Fitness. Her GRIT by Brit workout combines kick-boxing, athletic drills, dance and high intensity intervals choreographed to heart pumping music. Brit gives an insider peek at her latest workout taping:

That’s me, front and center, delivering the GRIT by Brit workout for Booya Fitness.

Booya is a revolutionary new fitness company that provides high-end workout videos to consumers on demand.  Think NetFlix for workout videos. It features amazing fitness instructors mostly from the best boutique fitness studios in NYC.

Personally, I decided to support Booya and be a featured instructor on the platform because I love the idea of being able to connect with my students outside of the group fitness classroom.  Also, the founder, Prita Kumar, is a fellow Harvard Business School MBA and Fitness Fanatic (like me).  Prita and I met each other over Twitter and instantly connected.  I’m so excited for her to transform the fitness industry through high-end video content.  You can learn more about her journey to starting in this cool start up documentary.

So, let me move on and tell you a little about the cool experience I had at the  shoot and what you can expect from the new and improved GRIT by Brit workout.

brit in car

Here I am headed to the studio with my cue cards in hand!


If you have a copy of my DVD (if you don’t you can buy one on Amazon), you’ll notice that the workout I designed for Booya is very similar.  However, I really tried to take my game to the next level.  In addition to the jammin’ music, I incorporated new techniques I’ve learned to over the past year to enhance my workout.  Specifically:

1. More fun: I incorporated some “dance-like” moves into the cardio sections and into the choreography overall.

2. More fierce: After each cardio round I have a High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) section.

3. More fitness: Throughout the workout I really focused on focus on toning the legs and core.  Also I only use of body weight resistance training – no hand weights this time

I feel a huge sense of accomplishment after this shoot because I can look back on my progress over the past year and see how I’ve really grown as a fitness instructor and personal coach.  It feels good knowing that I’m better able to help people reach their fitness goals.  I’m very confident that my new workout video will inspire and motivate tons of people to have fun, get fit and show their GRIT.


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