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Best Booty Sculpting Exercises

Target the glutes with some of the best booty sculpting exercises from the Booya library!


Booty Press

Begin on your hands and knees, clasping your hands together as if you were holding a low plank.  Keeping your knee bent, raise one leg, pulsing your heel towards the ceiling.


Plié Squat

The plié squat is a favorite for targeting that backside! Begin with feet wider than hip width apart, toes pointed out at 45 degrees.  Keeping your back straight, lower your body towards the floor, knees tracking over your toes, squeezing your glutes as you press back up.  To make this move harder, grab a weight!



This barre exercise is a real burner!  Begin lying on your side, knees bent and feet flexed.  Exhale as your raise both legs off the floor.  Open your hips, lifting your top knee and then reversing the movement, keeping the accent on the outward movement.  Repeat on the other side.


Side Raise

Target the sides of the booty with this effective exercise! Begin laying on your side, with your hand in front of you for support or, for a more advanced variation, behind your head.  Exhale as you raise your top leg up, and then slowly lower it back to the starting position.   Repeat on both sides.


Curtsy Lunge

This lunge variation targets both your glutes and thighs!  Begin with feet hip-width apart.  Keeping your weight in your left heel, cross your right leg behind you, bending both knees to 90 degrees.  Repeat on both sides.


Booty March

Take the bridge pose up a notch with this challenge! Begin laying on your back, knees bent, and raise yourself up into bridge.  Keep your hips high as you take turns raising each knee, marching it out.


Lying Glute Kickbacks

Fine tone your booty with this move!  Begin lying on your stomach, forehead resting on your hands.  Alternate as you lift one leg and then the other towards the sky, keeping your toe pointed.



Grab a pair of dumbbells for this strength training move!  Holding your weights, begin standing with feet shoulder width apart.  Keeping your knees soft and your back flat, slowly lower the weights along your shins.  As you return to standing tall, be sure to engage your glutes.

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