Booya’s Best Lower Body Moves

There’s good reason behind the adage “Never Skip Leg Day”.  The muscles in your legs are some of the biggest in your body, which means that working out your lower body helps you to burn more calories and fat.  Additionally, having well-rounded strength helps to prevent injuries and reduce back pain. Add these great lower body moves to your routine to strengthen your calves, quads, hammies and buns.


 Warrior II

Though a static movement, this traditional yoga pose will get your quads burning quick!    Bend your front knee to 90 degrees, keeping your knee aligned over your ankle.  Open your hips and extend your arms, gazing over your fingertips as you sink in to the pose.  Hold for 30-60 seconds, and repeat on the other side.

Booty Burner

This move from Brooklyn Bridge Boot Camp really works your glutes!  Begin in a tabletop position, and lower onto your forearms.  Keeping your left leg bent, lift it towards the ceiling.  Drive your heel up for 10-15 reps, and repeat on the other side.


We love squats because they work your butt, hips and thighs in one movement.  Begin with feet about hip-width apart.  Lower into a squat, keeping your butt back as if you were sitting down in a chair, weight in your heels.  Stand back up, squeezing your glutes at the top of the movement.  Repeat.

Curtsy Lunge

This variation on a lunge is great for targeting your glutes and inner thighs.  Beginning with your feet shoulder-width apart, put your weight into your right leg, crossing your left leg behind you.  Bend into a curtsy, and return to your starting position.  Repeat on the opposite leg.

Plie Squats

The plie squat centers on your inner thighs and glutes.  Begin with your feet slightly wider than hip width apart, toes turned out.  Extend your arms overhead and lower your body, keeping your shoulders over your hips and making sure your knees aren’t extending beyond your toes.  Return to start and repeat.


We love lunges to hit your total lower body!  To begin, step forward, lowering your hips and bending both legs to 90 degrees.  Ensure that your back is straight, and that your front leg’s knee is aligned over your ankle.  Return to start, and repeat on both sides.

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