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The Clean Eating Challenge is On!

While we’re all about awesome workouts, the truth is that your diet is a heavy hitter, playing 80% of the equation!  To help encourage your clean eating, the Clean Eating Challenge is on!  We’re offering killer prizes to help you clean up your diet.  Just sign-up and complete workout to enter to win – we’re giving away 3 of each of the prizes:

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Silver Prize Instagram

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With BBQ’s and cold treats aplenty, it’s the perfect time to reset with clean eating.  Sign-up for the challenge and check out our healthy eating plans from expert coaches to get back to basics with delicious and nutrient-packed meals.

Plans to Try:


14-Day Clean Eating Challenge from Team Lorna Jane

Want to eat clean & get in top shape? Our nourishing philosophy of eating simply and sensibly encompasses all there is to know about clean eating. If you have thought about starting a clean eating regime and want to know where to start, well you’ve come to the right place. We’ve got breakfast, lunch, dinner and awesome workouts to get you started!


28-Day Clean Eating Challenge

Kick-start your clean eating lifestyle! It typically takes 4 weeks to turn a behavior change into a habit, and this plan provides the support you need during this first month. Learn how to transform your eating habits and feel happy, energized, and better than ever. Recipes, grocery lists, best snack ideas – everything you need to succeed is here.


Eat Clean, Get Lean from Nutrition Counselor and Chef Katie Norris

Eat Clean, Get Lean is a two week program designed to get you feeling energized and toned with cross-training workouts and plant-based nutrition advice. We’ll be doing fun dance routines, bootcamp style workouts, yoga, pilates and core exercises. I’ll also be sharing lot of delicious recipes!


Fit Foodies from Food Professional Annie Wang

When food is your career, you need to balance out indulgences with healthy habits! This short, 2-week workout plan is a sneak peak into my routine so you know how I stay fit & healthy. The plan includes a lot of core work & cardio, but also includes my original recipes and indulgences. It’s the perfect plan for fit foodies.


Upgrade Your Health, Diet & Lifestyle from Holistic Health Consultant and Raw Food Chef Laura Dawn

Only 28 Days to a healthier, happier you! This course focuses on transitioning to plant-based, high-raw diet and teaches you how to implement a holistic approach to healthful living.

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