Eggnog: Is it Healthy?

If a cold glass of creamy eggnog is your idea of holiday in-a-cup, you may be wondering just how unhealthy this treat might be.  Read on to learn about whether or not you can indulge in a few glasses of eggnog this holiday season.

Keri Gans, registered dietician and author of The Small Change Diet, says that enjoying a glass or two of eggnog over the holidays is fine, but you shouldn’t let it become your number one beverage choice.  Though eggnog is a good source of calcium and protein because of all the whole milk and cream, Keri cautions that it is high in both calories and saturated fat.  In fact, one glass of eggnog can run you over 300 calories and half of the recommended daily intake of saturated fat!  Keri also points out that eggnog has a lot of added sugar, over 20 grams per glass.

Can You Make Eggnog Healthier?


In the store, try to look for eggnog that contains low-fat milk like Bolthouse Farms Holiday Nog.  Eggnog made with almond or soy milk, like Califa Farms Holiday Nog or Silk Seasonal Holiday Nog are good options as well, though Keri reminds us that these are not calorie-free!

If you’re craving eggnog and into whipping something up in the kitchen, there are lots of options!  For a more classic take on eggnog try SkinnyTaste’s Skinny Eggnog, a lower calorie eggnog made with low-fat milk. If you have a favorite eggnog recipe of your own, Keri suggests leaving out the cream and swapping whole milk out for nonfat milk to reduce the fat and calories.


My New Root’s Raw Vegan Eggnog uses a secret ingredient: seeds.  Sesame seeds and hemp seeds pack this drink naturally sweetened with dates with protein, fiber and other nutrients.


Another option is this Eggnog Smoothie from Baked Bree, which is made with almond coconut milk and frozen banana for creaminess.



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