From Our Founder: Brooklyn Bridge Boot Camp

I have a special place in my heart for Brooklyn Bridge Boot Camp (BBBC) founder Ariane Hundt. She was the first brand to join Booya and is one of the most optimistic, positive people I have ever worked with.


Fundamentally, BBBC workouts epitomize Booya core philosophical tenants: efficiency, total body, portable and transformative. Easily the toughest workouts we offer on our platform, BBBC’s videos will challenge your willpower. However, Ariane Hundt is funny, approachable and continuously reiterates that her workouts are not about perfection. She wants you to get stronger and better with each workout, making progress to add reps or graduate to a heavier weight over time.

When I started to test these workouts, I was amazed by how quickly I became stronger. I used to hate burpees and other plyometric movements; for a long time, I was a treadmill junkie, logging in my targeted minutes or miles and calling it a day. When I entered my late 20s, my hips came in and cardio didn’t quite have all the same effects as it used to. BBBC workouts create a high level of afterburn, meaning that your body burns calories both throughout the workout and when you’re recovering. Soon, after just five to six of these workouts, I found myself completing almost 95% of the exercises and feeling lighter and more resilient. On the weights workouts, I started with five pound weights but within two workouts, I was able to graduate to the eight pound sets as featured in the videos.

We have quite a few Brooklyn Bridge workouts on the site, plus a brand-new nutrition segment with Ariane’s tips for a healthy lifestyle.




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