From Our Founder: Warrior Fight Club and Amanda Rose Wellness

I’ll be the first person to admit, I am not a yoga person. I’m 5’10” and have absolutely no flexibility. My boyfriend laughs at me every time he sees me stretch because I literally can’t reach past my shins. So when Amanda Rose pitched me Warrior Fight Club, a new fusion class combining elements of yoga and boxing, my ears perked up immediately.


This class is perfect for folks who:
A) Avoid yoga because they feel like it is a waste of their precious workout time.
B) Enjoy cardio and strength training more than flowing. While yoga delivers on both of those accounts, when you’re inflexible, it just feels like you’re phoning it in!
C) Don’t know or care to know the meaning of restorative workouts and even “down” days are intense.

Amanda mixes very simple yoga movements – sun salutations, warriors, chair poses – with punching combinations, jumping rope, and burpees. Time flies in this workout because by the time you’re fatigued from one genre, she moves you on to the next sequence. When we tested this workout with beta users, some folks felt that the air punching was not as effective as having a target with the focus mitts Amanda uses in the workout. If you really focus and create your own internal resistance, your arms should be on fire by the end of the workout. And, you can always grab a 1 or 2lb. weight if you’re feeling particularly energetic.

The Warrior Fight Club series is one of my favorite’s on Booya Fitness and Amanda Rose is a rockstar.

Warrior Fight Club

Warrior Fight Club II

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