Get Your Team Together for These Summer Races!

We’ve said it before, and we’ll say it again:  working out with a partner or group is a great way to push yourself and help you enjoy your workouts.  This summer, try these fun team races to make memories while you burn calories.

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Ragnar Relay

Taking place in cities like Chicago, Colorado and Minneapolis this summer, the Ragnar Relay has you and 11 of your friends completing about 200 miles throughout the day and night.  Each person runs three times, with runs varying in length and difficulty, as the other team members cheer them on from a van.

Bad Ass Dash

Donating a portion of their proceeds to Autism Speaks, the Bad Ass Dash is an obstacle course and adventure run that offers discounts to teams!  Each run consists of at least 25 obstacles like Brash Balance Beams, Hay Bale Hike, Mammoth Monkey Bars, Sand Bag Slug and Stupendous Slip and Slide.

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Spartan Race

If you’re looking for a team challenge, the Spartan Race is a great option that is taking place in cities like Pennsylvania, Chicago, Hawaii and Boston this summer.  With courses ranging from 3 miles to a challenging 12+ miles, your team will need to work together to conquer obstacles.  Try to put together a big group, as the bigger the team the bigger the discount!

Gladiator Rock “N” Run

Developed by “Nitro” from American Gladiators, the Gladiator Rock “N” Run is set to hit Nor Cal and Orange County this summer.  In the 5-10K race, your team will overcome obstacles like  climbing over an 8-foot wall and up a 14-foot rope. After completing the course, celebrate with a post-race party that features live music, food and drinks.

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Tough Mudder

Requiring camaraderie, you’ll place completing the race as a team over your time.  The 10 to 12 mile course features extreme obstacles like the Human Hamster Wheel, Electroshock Therapy, Underwater Tunnels and Arctic Enema.  Tough Mudder is scheduled in a number of cities throughout the U.S. this summer, including Tahoe, Virginia, Kentucky, New York and Pittsburgh.

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Rugged Maniac

Taking place in Portland, New York, New Jersey, and other cities throughout the U.S. and Canada this summer, Rugged Maniac is a fun 3-mile course that has you and your team jumping on trampolines, swinging across rings and sliding down a 50-foot waterslide.

Epic Relays

Check out Epic Relays for a 24-hour relay that consists of about 200 miles of varying terrain across the city you’re running in.  Costumes and van decorations are encouraged!

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