How to Order a Lower-Calorie Iced Coffee

iced coffee

Warm weather means cold coffee. While coffee itself has just 2 calories per serving, the addition of milk, sugary syrups and whipped cream topping can an extra 400-600 calories onto your drink. Skip the sugar and fat that comes along with some popular iced coffee drinks with a few easy tricks.

Keep your coffee from turning into a dessert:

– Black coffee means no calories but if you’re craving something sweeter reach for a Splenda or Stevia packet.

– When adding milk, stick to skim milk or unsweetened almond milk. Soy milk actually has 130 calories and 13 grams of sugar per cup.

– If you want a flavor boost from one of the flavored syrups, opt for sugar-free.

– Many coffee shops have flavored coffee varities. The beans are flavored before brewing so you’ll get all the great flavor without the calories.

– Use the cinnamon and nutmeg shakers by the straws and milk dispensers to kick up your drink.

– Ask for your traditional iced coffee to be put in the blender. You’ll get the same consistency as a blended sugary drink that can have upwards of 500 calories.

– Say no to the whipped cream swirl and caramel drizzle when offered, we promise it’s not worth the calories.

– It’s okay to have an occasional indulgence, just don’t make it a part of your morning routine.


photo credit: Elizabeth Zavoyskiy

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