Healthy Packable Sandwich Recipes

Whether you’re heading back to school or simply looking for a portable lunch option, sandwiches are always a favorite.  Try one of these healthy options to mix things up, for a tasty lunch on-the-go.


Loaded Mediterranean Veggie Sandwiches // Layers of Happiness

With creamy hummus, feta cheese and Mediterranean veggies, this sandwich is filled with layers of different flavors.


Brie and Apple Sandwich // Hello Little Home

Take advantage of Autumn’s bounty of apples with this delicious sandwich recipes which pairs apples with tasty brie cheese.


Thai Peanut Wrap // Goodie Godmother

With homemade peanut sauce, your choice of protein and plenty of added vegetables, these Thai-inspired wraps make an excellent packable lunch option.


Best Sprout Sandwich // Jennifer’s Kitchen

Sprouts are the star of the sandwich, packing a punch of enzymes, fiber and vitamins.  Jennifer designed this sandwich, loaded with healthy cheese sauce and fresh veggies, to help you enjoy sprouts even if you’re not the biggest fan!

Avocado-Chicken-Salad-12-2 (1)

Avocado Chicken Salad // Live Well Bake Often

If you’re an avocado fanatic, this recipe is perfect!  Chicken salad gets creaminess from the addition of avocado, and it’s all served on a whole wheat bun.


Purple Sweet Potato Collard Wraps with Cashew Honey Mustard // Reclaiming Yesterday

Featuring a rainbow of vegetables, these collard wraps are served with a creamy cashew honey mustard for a lunch that’ll make your co-workers envious.


Avocado Chickpea Sandwich // Not Your Standard

Avocado spread, chickpea spread, mozzarella cheese and sprouts are layered on whole grain bread for a satisfying vegetarian sandwich.


Healthy Chicken Salad Sandwich // Caroline Phelps

For a lean, protein-packed lunch, this chicken salad is made with Greek yogurt is top-notch! Caroline adds lots of tasty mix-ins like jalapenos and lime juice to take this sandwich to the next level.


The Best Vegan Bagel Salad // Dreamy Leaf

This vegan-friendly sandwich fills a bagel with a flavorful, creamy chickpea salad for a lunch that packs of punch of both protein and fiber.


Veggie Club Sandwich // The Veg Life

Load up on veggies with this colorful vegan-friendly sandwich option!  Aimee also includes a recipe for zucchini carrot bread you can make in a bread machine to add even more nutrition to your sandwich.

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