How to Start a Healthy Lifestyle That Sticks

By: Fit Bottomed Girls

We think that the secret to getting healthy is finding a healthy lifestyle that works for you (aka one that you can follow forever because it feels good — not like tortuous deprivation). And here’s how to do it, step by step.

Step One: Find What You Like

The first step? Finding stuff that you like. So forget the cucumbers and other veggies you don’t like, and focus on what you do. Same goes for exercise and being active. In fact, go ahead and grab a piece of paper and simply jot down all of the fruits, veggies, whole grains, healthy fats and proteins that you like — plus even less-than-healthy ones like pizza and ice cream. Every single one. Then, do the same with activities. If exercises like Zumba or walking are on your list, great — but don’t limit yourself to just stuff you do at the gym! Things like gardening, watching TV and music count, too.

Step Two: Brainstorm Swaps

The second step of building your healthier life is then to take the list you just made and see how you can sub out some of the foods and activities you currently like for even healthier ones. Could you swap out a less healthy snack or meal (or even ingredient!) for a healthier one that you love? Could you replace a sugar beverage with water? Could you swap out a half hour of TV with a walk around your neighborhood or a fun dance workout on Booya? Get creative and see what little tweaks you can make.

Step Three: Make One Small Change a Week

From your list, aim to make one small substitution a week, each week for at least a month. It may seem like not a lot of change at first, but, believe us, over time, they add up! If you’re not sure where to start, we recommend making sure that you’re eating a nice mix of lean protein, carbs, healthy fat and fiber every three to six hours, whether it’s a meal or a snack. And being active for 30 minutes most days of the week — ideally with some cardio and strength training.

Step Four: Get Out of Your Comfort Zone

Once you’ve got some changes in place and are in the healthy groove, the final step we recommend is pushing yourself outside of your comfort zone by setting a goal each week to try something new. It could be a new exercise move, a new veggie, a new exercise class, a new way to de-stress, a new recipe — whatever! For inspiration and ideas be sure to check out these pages, and of course, all the new videos on Booya:

We are always trying new stuff, so just pick workouts and recipes that seems interesting to you. Again, there’s no “perfect” way to do this — see it as going on your very own healthy adventure! Some stuff you’ll love and some you won’t. Keep the stuff you do; ditch the stuff you don’t — but make a commitment to your own personal growth and self care.

Try the Bust Out of your Comfort Zone Workout Plan!

And, please, please don’t get too wrapped up into the number on the scale as a measure of progress. Living a healthy lifestyle is about more than that; it’s about how you’re feeling. So once you start making your changes, each day take stock of how you’re not just looking but how you’re feeling. Do you have more energy? Sleeping better? Waking up more refreshed? In a better mood? Fit in your clothes better? Take note of this and be proud of your progress! Be proud of you!

So focus on the good, do the activities you love, move your body in ways that feel good and create a healthy life that you love!




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