9 Incredible Reasons to Pick Up a Kettlebell for Your Next Workout

Kettlebells are one of our home gym essentials because, in a single piece of equipment, you can work your cardio, improve your strength and boost flexibility.  Learn more about why kettlebells are so  awesome for building a lean, toned body and why you should incorporate kettlebell training into your routine.

It Burns Some MAJOR Calories

One of the reasons kettlebells are so loved is for their ability to seriously incinerate some major calories.  If you’ve ever tried swinging one around, you know it can get your heart rate up quick. In fact,  The American Council on Exercise (ACE) reports that you can burn 400 calories in a 20-minute kettlebell workout, which is the equivalent of 20 calories per minute or running a 6-minute mile!

You Get Cardio & Strength at the Same Time

While you typically have to choose between cardio and strength based movement, using a kettlebell is a great way to get a complete workout all at once.  Kettlebell exercises involve building and controlling momentum, meaning that you need to recruit multiple muscle groups which helps to elevate your heart rate and challenge you cardiovascularly.

It’s a Functional Workout

Because kettlebells involve different planes and smooth movements, they’re much more functional workouts than using dumbbells.  This’ll translate easily into your daily life, helping you move more efficiently.

Activates Your Total Body

With kettlebells, you can lift much heavier than you would with dumbbells, meaning that your total body is involved in the movement, including both major muscles and stabilizer muscles.  It’s easy to get a complete, balanced workout when using kettlebells.

Taps into Complete Core Strength

Due to its shape and the fact that you typically train with only one kettlebell, every kettlebell exercise will knock your body off balance, requiring you to tighten your core just to maintain your stability.  Specific core exercises like windmills and russian twists will really hone in on your core.

Boosted Flexibility

Many of the most-common kettlebell exercises includes swings that promote a full range of motion, working to improve your flexibility.  Additionally, the heavy weight of the kettlebell can be used as a counter-weight, helping you to sink more deeply into movements such as squats.


It Boosts Co-ordination

From swings to cleans to the dreaded Turkish Get-Up, kettlebell movements require you to move your body in different ways to get the explosive power that you need.  This turns out to be a bit of workout for your brain, encouraging you to really focus on each movement.

It’s Low-Impact

Most high-intensity workouts require a lot of plyometrics, but kettlebells have a unique advantage in that they are low-impact but still super intense.  In fact, using kettlebells can help to strengthen your joints, preventing injury.

Better Results in Less Time

You already know that kettlebell training is awesome for cardio and strength, and one of the main advantages of this is that you’ll get better results in less time.  Kettlebell training is highly metabolic, meaning that you’ll burn a tone of calories post-workout, and the combination of strength and cardio is a great way to burn fat.

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