11 Nightclub-Themed Workout Classes to Try

There’s no longer any need to choose between heading to the bar, or hitting a barre class!  The newest workout trend combines nightclub with your favorite workout for a fun yet killer workout.  Check out these classes to try out the trend.


305 Fitness

Where: New York, D.C., Boston

With the slogan “We Turn Your Workout Into a Party”, you’re pretty much guaranteed to have an awesome time at a 305 Fitness class! The class consists of cardio dance and toning moves, with high-intensity intervals to really challenge your body.  Oh, and each class features a live DJ playing killer music.


Vixen Workout

Where: Florida & New York

This female-only fitness concert is designed to bring out your inner Sasha Fierce.  In each 60-minute class, you’ll work through a series of sexy hip hop moves to tone while also challenging your endurance.  Veteran Vixens can expect to burn up to 1,000 calories per class!

Uplift Studios photo shoot

Uplift Studios Happy Hour

Where: Los Angeles & New York City

This women-only boutique studio makes Friday nights easy by combining popular fitness classes with Happy Hour.  Choose from yoga hybrid classes, strength training or HIIT, and enjoy a complementary glass of wine after your sweat session.


Jump Life

Where: New York City

The popular low-impact cardio and toning workout rebound has gotten a party atmosphere thanks to Jump Life!  The awesome lighting and great music make this workout both fun and energy-boosting.  There’s even a special toning class, yoga fusion and parent-child jump sessions.


The Monster Cycle

Where: New York

With awesome music videos playing, dim lights and chandeliers hanging from the ceiling, The Monster Cycle looks more like a club than a cycling studio.  Expect workouts that pair perfectly with the vibe of the music for a complete experience.


POUND Fitness

Where: Studios Worldwide

You’ll become the drummer in this high-energy workout inspired my drumming.  Expect a full-body cardio workout, with plenty of sneaky moves inspired my bodyweight training, yoga and Pilates.


Cyc Fitness

Where: Atlanta, Austin, Boston, Madison, & New York

Known for its incredible musicality and attention to social fitness, Cyc is a cycling studio with a seriously awesome vibe that provides a full-body workout.  They’re even got themed rides like Coachella and EDM Meets Rock ‘N” Roll to suit your mood.


Back Bay Yoga Works

Where: Boston

Back Bay Yoga’s signature Hip Hop yoga classes are the perfect way to transform your yoga practice and take things up a notch.  Classes are held in a warm vinyasa room.


Yoga Around Town

Where: Boston

Yoga Around Town hosts pop-up yoga classes at a variety of venues throughout Boston, all followed by an after party. Classes feature a live DJ and are suitable for all levels.


Grip the Mat

Where: D.C., Boston, & Los Angeles

Hosting signature pop-up events like Soul & Spirits, Vinyasa to Vino and Bendy Brunch, Grip the Mat makes yoga into a complete social experience.  21+ Yogis of any skill level are invited to participate in the event.

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Y7 Studio

Where: New York & Los Angeles

Known as “The Original Hip Hop Yoga Studio”, Y7 Studio’s classes are set in a candlelit, mirror-free studio with yoga flows that are choreographed to popular tracks.  Expect a total mind and body workout that fuses intensity with re-centering for a unique experience.


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