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Fitness Trends: What is Piloxing?

We already know that mixing up  workout routines is a great way to keep your body challenged and to see results.   Combining them into a fusion workout is a great way to ensure you’re hitting all areas of your body while also keeping things interesting!  Piloxing, a trend which combines boxing, Pilates and dance, is loved for being a high energy class that also tones.

Why Piloxing?

Piloxing was invented by Swedish trainer and dancer Viveca Jensen, who wanted to create a challenging class that helped to empower women.  Boxing is an awesome cardiovascular workout that also helps to strengthen your upper body, core and legs.  This is combined with more traditional standing Pilates movements, which use bodyweight to tone and sculpt the entire body, specifically focusing on the “powerhouse” or abs, back and booty.  These Pilates movements also help to improve flexibility, which is essential to help keep your body balanced as you get stronger.

What Makes Piloxing Unique?

Piloxing’s key piece of equipment is the 1-pound weighted gloves.  These gloves help to add extra resistance to your punches and arm movements to help further tone your body.  The added weight is also a great way to up your cardiovascular game to boost  metabolism and up your  calorie burn.  Participants also love the fact that Piloxing is set to music to keep you going and make your workout more fun.

How Great of a Workout Is It?

You can definitely expect to get a killer workout from Piloxing!  Because of it’s high-intensity intervals, your calorie burn goes through the roof, burning up to 1,000 calories per class. The fusion of boxing combinations, dance and toning Pilates is sure to leave you super sweaty.


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Put’em Up: 4 Tips To Uncover The Boxer In You

Prepare to be a knockout!  The classic sport of boxing is getting a chic upgrade with boutique workout classes popping up across the country.  In this post, Julia Gschwind from Austin Boxing Babes and Brian Pedone from Boxing for All in New York tell you everything you need to know about this challenging workout.

What Makes Boxing Such a Great Workout?

If you’re looking for a total mind and body workout, boxing is an ideal option!  Julia says that while most people think of boxing as an upper body workout, there’s plenty of footwork involved and all the power comes from your lower body, meaning your legs, core and arms are engaged in every punch.  She also points out that boxing is a bonus mental workout as you’re constantly engaging in delivering each movement and staying calm under pressure. Brian says that boxing is a very therapeutic workout and that people tend to find it really fun – even to the point of forgetting they’re working out!

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From Our Founder: Warrior Fight Club and Amanda Rose Wellness

I’ll be the first person to admit, I am not a yoga person. I’m 5’10” and have absolutely no flexibility. My boyfriend laughs at me every time he sees me stretch because I literally can’t reach past my shins. So when Amanda Rose pitched me Warrior Fight Club, a new fusion class combining elements of yoga and boxing, my ears perked up immediately.


This class is perfect for folks who:
A) Avoid yoga because they feel like it is a waste of their precious workout time.
B) Enjoy cardio and strength training more than flowing. While yoga delivers on both of those accounts, when you’re inflexible, it just feels like you’re phoning it in!
C) Don’t know or care to know the meaning of restorative workouts and even “down” days are intense.

Amanda mixes very simple yoga movements – sun salutations, warriors, chair poses – with punching combinations, jumping rope, and burpees. Time flies in this workout because by the time you’re fatigued from one genre, she moves you on to the next sequence. When we tested this workout with beta users, some folks felt that the air punching was not as effective as having a target with the focus mitts Amanda uses in the workout. If you really focus and create your own internal resistance, your arms should be on fire by the end of the workout. And, you can always grab a 1 or 2lb. weight if you’re feeling particularly energetic.

The Warrior Fight Club series is one of my favorite’s on Booya Fitness and Amanda Rose is a rockstar.

Warrior Fight Club

Warrior Fight Club II