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The Clean Eating Challenge is On!

While we’re all about awesome workouts, the truth is that your diet is a heavy hitter, playing 80% of the equation!  To help encourage your clean eating, the Clean Eating Challenge is on!  We’re offering killer prizes to help you clean up your diet.  Just sign-up and complete workout to enter to win – we’re giving away 3 of each of the prizes:

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Nutrition Tips: 5 Ways to Eat Your Way Into That Wedding Dress

When the countdown is on, getting everything together for your big day can be stressful enough – without worrying about your own health!  We’ve put together five actionable tips to help you feel glowing and confident on your walk down the aisle.


Get Hydrated

Upping your hydration is a great way to reduce bloating, energize you and improve your skin.  We suggest keeping a water bottle handy so you’re able to sip away during the day.  You can also hydrate with coconut water, flavored sparkling water or herbal tea.  And don’t limit hydration to drinking, either!  Incorporating more fruits and veggies with high water content like cucumbers into your diet is great, too.

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10 Easy Clean Eating Swaps



When it comes to eating better, cutting back on the highly processed foods you eat is a good place to start. These foods are stripped of nutrients, providing little fiber, antioxidants or vitamins and minerals. More often than not they are full of sugar or salt, which can have major effects on our health (not to mention our weight). I know it can seem tough to always eat “from scratch” so here are 10 easy swaps to take the place of common convenience foods.

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