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6 Must-Do Exercises for Runners

While running is an awesome exercise in and of itself, strength training is also an important part of becoming a better runner.  Incorporating exercises that work your hamstrings, glutes and core can help you hit new distance and speed PR’s while also preventing injury.



Many runners are hamstring dominant, which can lead to unbalance and an improper running form.  The deadlift uses a hip hinge that is important in running to strengthen and help you learn to engage your glutes.

How-To: With dumbbells in hand and feet shoulder-width apart, hinge at the hips, keeping a slight bend in your knees as you lower the dumbbells along your shins.  Go as far as possible while still maintaining a flat back and then squeeze your glutes to come back up.

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Top HIIT Moves

We’re big fans of HIIT thanks to its ability to burn mega calories in less time.  To amp up your usual strength training routine, add 30 second to 1 minute intervals of these high-intensity moves to get your heart pumping like crazy.  By recovering with a strength training move, you’ll help improve your endurance and increase your metabolism.


Jump Rope

This basic movement is an awesome calorie burner, burning up to 10 calories per minute!  You can also expect increased coordination, plus its awesome for building bone density.  As you jump rope, be sure to keep your elbows pulled in and your chin tucked.  Ensure that you land softly each time and, to take up the intensity, increase your jump rate or switch to high knees.

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Yoga Poses for Back Pain

7 Yoga Poses To Curb Back Pain

If you’ve got back pain, you’re not alone.  According to a recent survey, approximately one-third of all Americans suffer from neck or back conditions that cause them pain.  Now, there’s a ton of ways to heal a lower back, especially if it becomes chronic – including heating/icing, medication, rest or even posture correction.  But, what seems to be really effective is participating in a relaxing exercise routine – like Yoga.

Studies have shown that incorporating yoga exercises into your daily routine – especially ones that focus on stretching the body out – help with maintenance of lower back pain and promote overall wellness.

But what types of poses are beneficial and easy to do?  Lucky for you we have 7 easy and simple poses that you can build into your workout routine.

yoga poses for back pain

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