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No Time to Workout? 6 Quick Exercises You Can Do At Your Desk

Sitting has been said to be the smoking of our generation!  Keep your body moving and help break up your workday with these easy exercises you can do at your desk.


Tricep Dips

Place your hands shoulder-distance apart on a stable chair, sliding your butt forward.  Bend your elbows as you lower your body to the floor, completing a dip.  Push through your hands as you straighten your arms to return to the start.

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The 5 Best Exercises to Do with a Partner

Research has shown that exercising with a partner increases your motivation and helps you work harder, while also making your workouts more enjoyable.  Sound good?  Try these exercises with a partner and you’ll both get a great burn on. Continue reading

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5 Best Post-Workout Stretches

We hear over and over that it’s important to stretch after a workout but do you know why?  Fitness expert Andrea Metcalf says that when we work out, our muscles contract and tighten, and stretching helps to restore them to their normal position and reduce stress put on our joints.  Stretching also helps to increase blood flow and reduce post-workout swelling.  Try these 5 stretches suggested by Andrea after your next sweat session.

Side Stretch with Foot Cross

Try this stretch to help stretch out your obliques and all along your side body.  To begin, step one foot behind the other.  Lean to the side with one arm extended overhead and the other sliding down your stationary leg.

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