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Your Guide to Aerial Workouts

Getting airborne and trying an aerial fitness class is fun – but it’s also a serious workout!  Here’s our complete guide to getting airborne.

Types of Aerial Workouts

Aerial Yoga – Perhaps the most well-known aerial workout, aerial yoga incorporates principles of yoga like breathing and meditation while you perform a variety of moves supported by the hammock.

Aerial Barre – Aerial barre is like a typical barre class – only without the barre.  You can expect plenty of core and leg burning moves, just using the hammock instead of a barre for support.  Because the hammock can support you in different ways and move with you, you can get a greater range of motion than you would in a traditional barre workout.

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11 Nightclub-Themed Workout Classes to Try

There’s no longer any need to choose between heading to the bar, or hitting a barre class!  The newest workout trend combines nightclub with your favorite workout for a fun yet killer workout.  Check out these classes to try out the trend.


305 Fitness

Where: New York, D.C., Boston

With the slogan “We Turn Your Workout Into a Party”, you’re pretty much guaranteed to have an awesome time at a 305 Fitness class! The class consists of cardio dance and toning moves, with high-intensity intervals to really challenge your body.  Oh, and each class features a live DJ playing killer music.

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The Latest Fitness Crazes to Try this Summer

Just because it’s summer doesn’t mean we’re short on fitness trends!  Try one of these active options to help maintain your bikini bod.


Outdoor Bootcamp

If you still want to get in a killer workout but don’t want to be stuck indoors, why not try an outdoor bootcamp? Many take advantage of the natural landscape by incorporating hills and benches into the workout, and you’ll get that group camaraderie aspect that’ll keep you motivated.


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Models like Gisele are loving boxing workouts – and for good reason!  The fat-burning workout is great for sculpting strong muscles, plus it’s an awesome stress release.

Aqua Cycling

Take spin to the next level with aqua cycling.  Bikes are placed in waist high water, so the water acts a resistance to increase your calorie burn and build endurance.

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Obstacle Course Training

Obstacle course gyms like Iron Sports  and Brooklyn Zoo are popping up across the country.  You’ll do things like jump from platform to platform, swing on monkey bars, and scale walls.  It’s a great way to keep your body guessing and have fun while building strength and agility.

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SUP Fitness

Standup paddleboard yoga is a favorite, but the new SUP Fitness classes are great, too!  They consists of activities like cardiovascular paddling, toning moves, and HIIT – all on the water so your body has to work harder to stay balanced.



Fitness studios like Row House are doing what Soul Cycle did for the spin bike.  Rowing is a highly-effective, full-body workout that’s also low impact.  A circuit style rowing workout will consist of cardiovascular rowing intervals paired with strength training moves.

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Rock Climbing

Anyone whose ever tried to scale up a wall knows that rock climbing is a serious total-body workout that builds a killer upper body and core.  In a training session, you’ll not only be working your body but also engaging your mind to think quick and problem solve.