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Wedding Prep: 3 Great Bridal Workout Plans

Sweating before the wedding?  We know how stressful it can be getting everything together, so we’ve put together a selection of plans that can get you feeling your best before the big day – no matter how much time you have!2weeksuntiltheaisle_Hero

2 Weeks Until the Aisle Workout Plan

If you’ve only got a couple of weeks left, this plan is for you!  The workouts will help you to shed the last few pounds, while the nutritional tips will help you to look and feel your best. Expect total body toning and time-saving tips like meal prep.

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Fit Bride Alert: We’re Teaming Up With WeddingWire!

If you’re prepping for your wedding, you’ll be pleased to know that we are partnering up with WeddingWire to help you feel your best for your walk down the aisle.

4 Week Hero (1)

Check out our WeddingWire page  for complete wedding shape-up plans filled with workouts, nutrition tips and more.

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Nutrition Tips: 5 Ways to Eat Your Way Into That Wedding Dress

When the countdown is on, getting everything together for your big day can be stressful enough – without worrying about your own health!  We’ve put together five actionable tips to help you feel glowing and confident on your walk down the aisle.


Get Hydrated

Upping your hydration is a great way to reduce bloating, energize you and improve your skin.  We suggest keeping a water bottle handy so you’re able to sip away during the day.  You can also hydrate with coconut water, flavored sparkling water or herbal tea.  And don’t limit hydration to drinking, either!  Incorporating more fruits and veggies with high water content like cucumbers into your diet is great, too.

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