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7 Ways to Eat Your Probiotics

Did you know that in your gut there’s a war going on between good and bad bacteria?  As Kate Scarlata, registered and licenced dietician, explains “our intestines need a balance between “good” and “bad” bacteria”. When the bacteria in your intestines gets out of balance, from using antibiotics or from illness, your immune systems becomes weakened and digestion issues often occur.  To prevent an overgrowth of bad bacteria, maintain a strong immune system, produce vitamins for our body and improve digestion, probiotics from the following foods are beneficial.

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Holiday Gift Guides: Gift Ideas for Healthy Food Lovers

The holidays aren’t just about indulging, they’re also a great time to give the healthy food lovers in your life some presents they can use throughout the year. These gift ideas will get recipients through the holiday season and beyond.


Mocubo Cutting Board with Prep Storage ($39.99)

For your friend obsessed with food prep, try this Mocubo Cutting Board.  Underneath the bamboo cutting surface are three drawers with can be filled with diced ingredients to keep things organized.


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