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The Healthiest and Unhealthiest Valentine’s Day Treats

It’s almost unavoidable: chocolate hearts, candy kisses and a bounty of not-so-healthy treats from your sweetheart.  Registered Dietician Danielle Omar is back to let us know the healthiest and unhealthiest treat options for this Valentine’s Day so you can steer your loved one in the right direction.


NibMor 6 Spice Drinking Chocolate

Danielle loves the combination of dark chocolate and warming spices in this drink mix!  She does warn us that, although made with organic ingredients, the main ingredients are still sugar, so to indulge mindfully.

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9 Healthier Cocktails for the Holidays

Mulled wine, creamy eggnog, hot apple cider and more holiday cocktails can really add a ton of calories to your daily intake if you aren’t careful.  Try one of these healthier cocktail recipes from some of our favorite bloggers that are high in flavor but low in sugar and calories.


Vegan Eggnog Cocktails

An eggnog cocktail is a holiday favorite, but it’s usually high in saturated fat.  These dairy-free Vegan Eggnog Cocktails from Dishing Up the Dirt use cashews, dates and almond milk to create a creamy eggnog that is spiked with whiskey. Continue reading