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Photo Credit: Nickolai Kashirin

Not A Hippie? Why You Should Still Meditate

If the word “meditation” has you envisioning bending yourself into a pretzel while chanting “Ohm”, it may be time to re-think things. Sharon Salzberg, meditation teacher and author, explains why you should consider exploring meditation.

It’s Backed By Science

As Sharon explains,  meditation isn’t flaky at all, and it’s benefits have been shown through brain scans, cortisol levels and genetic expressions.  For example, meditation has been shown to help lower blood pressure, improve serotonin production to reduce anxiety and decrease tension.

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Heather Dorak’s Top 5 Post-Workout Products

By: Heather Dorak

In busy Los Angeles, for me, and many others in my classes, we don’t have the time to run home to shower and clean up before tackling the next task of the day.  I tend to do errands right after my workout or pop on over to one of my other studios to take care of business or just say hi to some smiling, hard-working faces.  Below are a few of my favorite freshening post-workout picks that’ll leave you beautiful and confident, instead of looking like you just stepped off of a reformer.

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Jasmine Kaloudis

Tired of Dinner and a Movie? Try these Active Date Ideas

The couple that sweats together stays together.  If you’re looking to mix things up, try one of these date ideas that’ll keep you moving.

Billie Ward

Billie Ward

Take a Bike Ride

Taking a bike ride together is a great way to explore your community in a way you wouldn’t on foot.  Pack a picnic or snack for when you want to take a break. Continue reading