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Healthy Packable Sandwich Recipes

Whether you’re heading back to school or simply looking for a portable lunch option, sandwiches are always a favorite.  Try one of these healthy options to mix things up, for a tasty lunch on-the-go.


Loaded Mediterranean Veggie Sandwiches // Layers of Happiness

With creamy hummus, feta cheese and Mediterranean veggies, this sandwich is filled with layers of different flavors.

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7 Healthy Lunch Recipes

When lunchtime rolls around, be prepared with these healthy recipes to avoid the fast food trap! They’ll keep you from spending unnecessary dollars eating out and make sure you stay on a healthy track through the work day.


Chicken and Chickpea Salad Pita Sandwiches // Climbing Grier Mountain

For a protein boost, try these pita sandwiches, stuffed with a chicken and chickpea salad made with Greek yogurt.  The pitas are also filled with broccoli sprouts, a superfood with powerful antioxidants.

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