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Save & Splurge Home Gym Accessories

Whether you’re looking to build a state-of-the-art home gym or simply searching for a few inexpensive pieces to help you stay fit between group fitness classes, we’ve got you covered!  Check out our top picks for the home gym.


Jump Rope

If you want to burn a ton of calories with little equipment, jumping rope is a great option – it burns more than 10 calories a minute, meaning that just 10 minutes of jumping rope burns over 100 calories.  Plus, it’s super easy to pack for traveling.

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Resistance Band

If you want to focus on building strength but don’t want to invest in a set of dumbbells, a resistance band is a great option. Resistance bands differ from dumbbells in that they provide resistance throughout the entire range of the motion, helping to build strength in different areas of the body.

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Yoga Mat

With a yoga mat and your own body weight, you can get a great workout in pretty much anywhere.  Workout in the park, anyone?


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Stability Ball

In a addition to building strength and flexibility, using a stability ball in your workout helps you to work on your balance.  When you’re teetering and tottering, you’ll be forced to engage you core to maintain your balance, helping to strength abs, obliques and back muscles.

Gliding Discs

If you’re short on space and on a budget, gliding discs are perfect to help you get a full-body toning workout at home.  They’re also perfect if you need something with minimal impact on your joints while still challenging your entire body.

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Having a pair of dumbbells around is great because they’re so versatile and can be used to work muscles in your legs, abs, back and arms.  Not sure what size to go for?  Check out What Sized Weights Should I Use? for tips from a certified personal trainer.

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If you’re looking for a more inexpensive workout accessory that can provide you with both cardio and strength training, a kettlebell is your best bet.  A kettlebell workout is great for burning fat and building a lean figure.



While you can always grab a chair for barre-style workouts, having a ballet barre is great because it is adjustable and portable.  They also don’t take up much room!

Weight Bench

If you’re lifting heavy, a weight bench is a necessary tool for your home gym.  A weight bench also allows you to perform motions you wouldn’t be able to do on the floor, targeting different muscles in the body.

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The TRX is a great way to get a full-body workout anywhere.  Because the straps use your own body weight as resistance, you can easily make exercises easier or more difficult, and every move requires your core to be involved for stability.

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Resembling half an exercise ball, every move you do on the BOSU will set you off balance.  This requires you to engage more muscles, helping to build strength and balance while burning even more calories.

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ReXist 360 Bands

ReXist 360 bands are the perfect way to amp up your workout without putting more pressure on your joints.  Athletes love them for building strength, endurance and speed.

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If you’re a fair weather runner, you might want to consider investing in a treadmill so you can still get your run on while being protected from the elements.  Try pairing treadmill intervals with strength training moves for a complete workout.

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Die-hard Pilates fans dream of having a reformer in their home gym.  A reformer is a great tool for building strength, especially in the “powerhouse” or core, while also enhancing flexibility.


Rebounder workouts have been trending lately, and it’s for good reason!  Jumping on the rebounder is low-impact but still super intense, as well as fun.


The sandbag is another piece of versatile gym equipment.  When you perform moves with the sandbag, you’ll be building strength while also getting cardio in.  Because the sand moves in the bag, you’ll also be put off balance, which forces you to engage your muscles even more.


Equalizer Bars

Short on space but wanting to invest in a total-body workout system?  Consider Lebert Equalizer Bars.  The simply-designed piece of fitness equipment can be used for strength training (think push-ups and tricep dips), plyometrics and stretching.

Want to Work Out in Your Apartment? Try these Quiet Fitness Moves

Just because you can’t be loud doesn’t mean you can’t get a great workout in.  Try these quiet moves, and you’ll have no angry neighbors banging on your door.  We promise.


Kettlebell Swing // Soho Strength Lab Dumbell/Kettlebell Power Lab

The kettlebell swing is a great multitasking move that will improve strength while also spiking your heart rate.  To perform this move, keep a loose grip on your kettlebell and keep your legs about hip width apart.  Bring the kettlebell between your legs, hinging at the hips.  Next, swing the kettlebell upwards, using your hips to generate the momentum.

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The Next Level of Resistance Bands: ReXist360

ReXist360 bands are designed to intensify current workouts without any unwanted pressures added to the back, knee or ankle joints. The scalable resistance bands are easy to strap on and allow greater flexibility and movement. Try the bands with our featured ReXist workouts from their top trainers with a HIIT with Rexist 360 session or Fit Mama Prenatal Workout. Read more about the benefits you’ll be getting by exercising with ReXist360 below.


Increased Strength

King Pito Gator, a pro wrestler, boxer and UFC fighter, uses the ReXist360 bands for all of his workouts, because they help to increase his strength and power.  Lauren Sesselmann, a professional soccer player and Olympic medalist, is using the ReXist360 bands to help her recover from an ACL injury and surgery. She believes they’re helping her to gain back the strength lost in her quads.  The band’s resistance forces muscles like the quads, hamstrings, hip flexors, and abs to work harder throughout a workout, which builds strength.


Improved Explosiveness

Lauren says using the bands helps with explosive strength and quick muscles movements.  In fact, research on high school athletes found that using the ReXist360 bands increased vertical jump by 13.38%.  This is because the bands focus on muscles used during these explosive movements like glutes, abdominals, hamstrings, quads and calves.


Increased Speed

ReXist360 bands focus on the major muscles used throughout all the different stages of running, which helps to improve acceleration.  Increased strength and acceleration work together to increase overall speed when running.


Increased Endurance

When using the ReXist360 bands, your body is working up to two times harder than it would without the bands.  As a result, you’re burning up to twice as many calories and also improving your cardiovascular fitness level.  This improved cardiovascular fitness increases your endurance to help you perform at a higher level longer.