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How to Set Up a Gym at Home


Keeping your workout area compact and accessible is the key to a consistent fitness routine. The Booya home gym doesn’t require a whole lot of space or equipment. And, even if you do have some room to move, we don’t think you need to invest a lot of time or money to get great, convenient workouts. With just a few inexpensive pieces of equipment you’ll find you won’t miss your gym membership at all. Worried about space? These items require less than two square feet of storage and only 4-by-6 feet of workout space.

Start with a few extremely low-cost basics and then splurge on extras if you have the budget:


1. Yoga Mat $10 and up
Best Value: Yoga Direct
Splurge-Worthy: Manduka
Environment-Friendly: Kharma Khare


2. Dumbells $40 and up
Best Value: : Spri Dumbbells
Splurge-Worthy: Hampton Fitness Dumbbells


3. Resistance Bands $11 and up
Best Value: Therabands (3 levels for $12)
More Intense: Superbands
Boutique Fitness: Rexist360


4. 12-inch Foam Roller $10 and up

5.  Storage Bin $15 and up

Looking to step it up a notch? Get the latest equipment for your favorite fitness trends.

6. Kettlebells
Best Value: CAP Barbell Kettlebell
Splurge-Worthy: VF Kettlebells

photo (3)
7. Mini Trampoline
Best Value: Stamina
Splurge-Worthy: Jumpsport

8. Barre
Best Value: Dining Room Chair
Splurge-Worthy: Vita Vibe

In under $100 (or the equivalent to a one-month gym membership), you can stock your home for almost any fitness routine.