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Pain and Pleasure: Upper Body

5 Moves You Need to Add to Your Workout Routine

These multitasking moves from some of our favorite trainers target multiple muscles groups at once, which burns more calories and helps you get more done in less time.

Tabletop Crunch

Start in a tabletop position.  On an inhale, extend your arms and legs overhead into an “X” position.  Exhaling, bring your arms and legs in as you crunch into a tabletop positon.  This move is excellent because all parts of your abs are involved.

Down  Dog Push Up

Unlike the traditional push-up, the down dog push up really focuses on the shoulders and upper back.  To do this, get into a traditional downward facing dog position.  Bend your elbows, lowering your head to the floor, and press back up.  You also may also feel this in your core, which will be activated as you maintain the downward dog position.

Single Leg Bridge with Leg Circle

This move really gets deep into your glute muscles to help boost your booty!  Begin laying on your back with your knees bent, palms pressing into the mat for stability.  Extend one leg up in the air, toes pointing towards the ceiling.  As you raise up in bridge, swing your leg in a partial circle out to your side.  As you lower, swing your leg back to starting position.  By swinging the leg, you’re really activating the glutes and upper quads and requiring the core to be involved for stabilization.

Push-up with Opposite Arm & Leg Extension

This intense move works multiple muscle groups at once, including arms, core and legs.  Begin in a plank position and complete a push-up.  As you reach the top, extend an opposite arm and leg and then lower and complete another push-up, this time extending the other arm and leg at the top. By working in opposition, you’re really needing to use your core to maintain balance.

Plie Squat Jack

This twist on a jumping jack not only boosts your heart rate but also really works your legs, targeting those inner thighs.  Begin in a plie squat with your arms extended overhead.  Pulse in your plie squat, and then jump, moving your legs together and your arms down into chair pose.  Repeat.



Ab Work: 5 Moves to Add Right Now

Tired of doing sit-ups?  Try  these innovative ab moves from our favorite trainers to really chisel your core.  Bonus tip: Do these after your favorite cardio routine for the best burn.


The jackknife is a killer ab exercise that will really get your abs burning while testing your flexibility.  To perform a jackknife, lay on your back with your legs straight and your arms extending over your head.  On an exhale, keep your legs and arms straight as you bring them together in a jackknife position, letting your shoulder blades come off the floor.  Inhale as you return to the start.  The jackknife is an especially difficult exercise as the arm and leg movements work both your upper and lower abs at once, leaving your entire core on fire.

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Lauren Sesselmann’s Soccer-Inspired Workout Moves

When Lauren Sesselmann is training, she focuses on agility and explosive-type training to help her on the field.  She also does a lot of strength training because she is a defender.  Not only does this training help to develop a strong soccer player, but it’s also a great workout for anyone.  Try some of Lauren’s favorite moves to help you get a strong and toned body.


Running Pyramid

A running pyramid involves interval training in which the more difficult intervals get progressively longer as you move up the pyramid and then shorten as you move down the other side of the pyramid.  Lauren loves these because they help her to get the cardio and endurance needed for soccer.  Because a running pyramid is done in intervals, you burn more calories than you would running at a steady pace.

Speed Ladder

Speed ladders are used for soccer training because they help players to practice sudden direction changes, which are required often in soccer.  In addition to being a good cardio workout, doing a speed ladder can help improve your speed, balance and strength.



Box Jumps

Lauren loves doing box jumps because they help her with explosiveness on the soccer field.  Box jumps are a plyometric exercise, so they help to improve your agility while burning fat.  Box jumps are also great for strengthening your legs and core.




One of Lauren’s favorite moves is the burpee.  Burpees boost your heart rate to burn more calories, and can help to develop endurance.  They also work your total body to help build strength and don’t require any equipment.



Tuck Jumps

Lauren is a fan of tuck jumps because they’re high intensity and require constant movement, which translates onto the field. Because tuck jumps are a plyometric movement, they work well as part of a HIIT routine.   They’re also a great way to help strengthen your legs and lift your booty.