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Burning Mega Calories with HIIT

If you’re looking to burn hundreds of calories quick, high intensity interval training (HIIT) is the way to go.  Today, we have Shane Barnard from Urbankick to explain the science behind these crazy intense intervals, as well as answer frequently-asked questions about HIIT.

High Intensity Interval Training (H.I.I.T.) is a great way to increase your Excess Post Exercise Oxygen Consumption, or EPOC.

During a H.I.I.T. training session a person consumes more oxygen than in slower, endurance exercises such as walking, running or cycling.  This increase in oxygen consumption will increase your post-exercise metabolism or oxygen consumption.

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Train Like an Athlete: Getting Strong with Power and Agility Training

There’s great reason ESPN’s Body Issue is so popular: athletes have crazy strong bodies.  While you may not be prepping for the next Olympics, it doesn’t mean that you can’t train like you are.

A 30 minute workout with Urbankick can help you improve your strength, power, flexibility and agility.  A traditional cardio workout such as walking, jogging or biking  only works in one plane of motion, the sagittal plane.  Every Urbankick class utilizes all planes of motion and numerous training modalities to increase your overall physiological and physical benefits.

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From Our Founder: Cardio Kickbox by Grit by Brit

Confession: my obsession with fitness began with Billy Blanks’ Tae Bo.

Having grown up in Houston, summers were too hot to run or train outside, so I started using fitness videos from the age of 12. Tae Bo was my favorite—the perfect mix of cardio and strength-based choreography. So when I founded Booya and started mapping out my content plan, I knew I had to have cardio kickbox in the mix.


Brittani Rettig, founder of Grit by Brit, and I connected immediately—she is also from Texas and similarly inspired by Billy Blanks. Brit attended Harvard Business School a few years before me and was now also pursuing her passion for fitness with her concept Grit by Brit.  Like me, Brit believes in getting a little everything in one workout—punches, kicks, choreography, and plyometric exercises.

Cardio Kickbox burns an insane amount of calories in a short workout thanks to kickboxing ‘rounds’, where each round targets a different part of the body. Brit keeps you moving through rounds with little bouts of plyometric ‘power’ moves, and finally wraps up the workout with a great toning circuit to target your legs, arms and butt.

This workout is one of my favorites on the platform and we’ve yet to meet a single blogger who didn’t love it too. It does move quickly though, so if you consider yourself uncoordinated, the transitions may be frustration. That is, however, why cardio junkies love the constant movement.

Brit is now opening up her own studio in Dallas, Texas and has a growing following on her blog—check her out at gritbybrit.com and tweet / facebook us with your feedback on the workout!