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5 Scientific Ways to Build Habits That Stick

In our day-to-day lives, it can be tough to form habits because there are so many distractions that can lead us right back to our old ways, such as a sudden invitation to happy hour or a phone call from a friend. Here are 5 scientific ways for any aspiring habit-builders form habits that will stick.


  1. Make “Micro-Quotas” and “Macro-Goals”

As it turns out, dreaming big is good advice after all! In a study about motivation, researchers found that abstract thinking can be an effective method to help with the discipline required to achieve a goal. You need to balance the desire of a big dream with your discipline to finish day-to-day activities that may not produce dramatic results but are a positive step in the right direction. The key is to make “micro-quotas” and “macro-goals.” Your goals are the big picture items you hope to accomplish while your quotas are the minimum amounts of work that you need to complete each day to make these goals possible. Quotas keep daily work approachable and your goals eventually achievable.

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Booya Beginner Guide


Welcome to Booya! Booya is a premium fitness video platform featuring the industry’s best boutique studios and instructors. We work with them to deliver you innovative and fun content anywhere, anytime at an affordable monthly price.  Here is some basic information to get you started:IMG_7506

1. Workout anywhere: Our videos can be played on all internet-enabled devices. Mobile, Tablet, Laptop, or even TV. So feel free to workout in your home, gym, hotel room, or even outside!

Brooklyn Bridge Bootcamp

2. All of our videos are challenging: Booya’s curation process starts by evaluating over 1,000 boutique studios and selecting the very best partners to give you challenging content. Our videos are targeted towards experienced fitness enthusiasts, but are accessible to all individuals regardless of fitness level through suggested modifications. This is about your personal fitness journey—don’t be afraid to challenge yourself if you’re feeling up to it or take things down if you’re finding the workout too difficult.


3. Skip fancy equipment: Approximately 75% of our workouts can be completed without equipment. If you do not have the equipment is suggested (bands, dumbbells and a yoga mat), the workout will still be challenging without it! Nevertheless, we will provide a list of alternative pieces of equipment that have the equivalent effect.

Trooper Fitness

4. There’s always something new: We offer a wide spectrum of workouts across 4 main silos: Bootcamp, Strength & Toning, Cardio and Yoga. The beauty of Booya is that you can do something different every day.

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