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From Our Founder: Why I Started Booya Fitness


I absolutely love boutique fitness classes. Flywheel, Core Fusion, Barry’s Bootcamp—these are some of my favorites. The more intense the better! I left each class like I had left everything on the table. There were no stressful deadlines, no bosses to dislike, no boys to be frustrated with—for the hour that I went to those classes, I was there to work.

Unfortunately, I could only afford to go to 1 class per week, usually on  a Saturday afternoon, if I was lucky. Here’s why:

—  I worked 60 hour weeks, so getting out of the office, commuting for 1 hour in total to the studio and back home, and then showering was unheard of. I did not have an extra 2.5 hours—I barely had enough time to sleep, eat, unwind and occasionally meet my friends. Not to mention, if I tried to go to the gym during the week, I had to look like a bag lady with my purse, a gym bag, and in the winter, a change of clothes, which included heavy boots. Ugh.

— Saturday AM classes always booked up by Monday. Who has that kind of foresight into their schedule? What if I had dinner plans on Friday night? What if I was hung over or more likely, just wanted to sleep in and have brunch?

— I could run errands while heading to the studio and justify the commuting time, or I could call friends to catch up—either way, multitasking was a must.

Though this was my life, when I talked to other professionals and juggling moms and dads—they shared the same frustration. They loved fun classes and worked harder with someone telling them what to do, but who has that kind of time?

Also, I started to realize this terrible thing. My body was changing. Running no longer kept the hips away—I needed something different and more frequently than once a week.

So, I started to explore at-home fitness options—DVDs, online streaming websites, YouTube, etc. But, all these solutions had unique issues that still left me frustrated. Most DVD sets were targeted for beginners. The Zumba DVDs were an absolute joke. I was lucky if I stared to sweat by minute 45. Brazilian Butt DVD was pretty good but only 2 of the set of 4 were advanced and I paid $60?!?! Forget it.

With streaming websites, I found the search process to be a huge pain. I could never tell if the workout was going to be good before investing a lot of time searching. Or a lot of the workouts just didn’t seem fun—they were all bootcamp, all the time. Nothing infuriates me more than wasting time, so I quickly gave up and found myself doing nothing on those days when commuting was too difficult.

In the summer of 2012, I left private equity to attend Harvard Business School. I decided that this was my time to fix my own problem (and of many other time-constrained individuals), so I founded Booya. Booya is a premium fitness video platform that features never-been-seen-before 30-minute workouts, saving our users time in 3 key ways: commute, search, and workout efficiency.

Here’s how we stack up:

1. We source from the industry’s best trainers and studios. Check out the press links on each partner’s’ pages here. These trainers typically charge $20-40 for their live classes or upwards of $150-400 for personal training sessions! If you subscribe, you pay just $9.99/month for unlimited access.

2. All of our workouts are super challenging. If you’re advanced, you’ll definitely get a solid workout. If you’re a beginner, start with some of the easier modifications when things get tough and work up to it!

3. Our workouts can be done in 30-35 minutes or less! So, during the week when you are looking at the clock and trying to do the math of how you can fit in a workout after factoring in commute, set-up time, shower, etc., make things easy for yourself. Try Booya. On days when you have more time (like the weekends), you can still keep up with the activities you love. The variety will keep things fun and exciting.

4. We have content even for days when you don’t feel energetic. So don’t skip the workout! Change things with a low impact or unusual workout (I recommend Shrink Session or Cardio Kickbox). You’ll be surprised by how much fun you are having and you will still burn serious calories and tone up muscles.

The next time when you are debating / dreading / dragging yourself to the gym to do a mediocre workout, find a 4 by 6 foot space and try one of the Booya workouts. I promise it will be challenging and fun every single time.