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9 Paleo Recipes

If cavemen couldn’t eat it, you can’t eat it either! That’s the motto of Paleo-fanatics who you find sitting next to you at work or in your favorite kickboxing class at your gym. Luckily, nutritionists, bloggers and foodies have all found a way to make the Paleo diet more tasty, more interesting, and much more Instagrammable. Read on for 9 recipes that not only rev up the flavor but also are healthy, Paleo-friendly meals. Continue reading

7 Healthy Whole30 Recipes

Interested in hopping on the Whole30 train?  The Whole30 plan emphasizes real food, and helps you to “reset” your body by excluding foods that increase inflammation, unbalance your gut and disrupt your hormone balance for a full 30 days. You’ll be emphasizing whole foods like meat, healthy fats, fruits and vegetables while avoiding sugar, alcohol, grains, legumes and dairy.  Try some of these delicious Whole30 recipes to get started. Continue reading

Are You on the Paleo Diet? You Can Still Have Thanksgiving Dinner!

While the most obvious Thanksgiving dish, turkey, is paleo-friendly, other Thanksgiving classics are not paleo-approved because they contain ingredients like  dairy, grains, sugar or white potatoes.  However, it’s still easy to have a tasty paleo Thanksgiving dinner with these recipes.


Mashed Cauliflower

Mashed potatoes are a Thanksgiving staple, but they are not paleo-friendly because of the white potatoes.  Instead, try making this Mashed Cauliflower from The Clothes Make the Girl. Mashed Cauliflower has the same texture as mashed potatoes, aided by the addition of coconut oil and coconut milk. Continue reading