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Optimizing Your Post-Workout Recovery

While a great workout is awesome, the truth is that your recovery is just as important – and is actually how you get stronger.  When you exercise, you’re causing small, microscopic tears in your muscles.  In the 24-48 hours post-workout, your body works to repair and rebuild.  Ensuring that you’re recovering properly can help reduce muscle soreness, prevent injury, and ensure you have the energy to hit it hard again tommorrow. Check out our ultimate plan for maximum recovery.

Within 30-45 minutes


Adding stretching to your cool-down is an ideal way to help reduce the dreaded DOMS.  Stretching also helps to increase circulation and remove waste from your muscles, leading to an overall quicker recovery.  Follow along with Kira Stoke’s 7-minute Stoked Stretch or Core Pilates NYC’s 15-minute Dynamic Stretching Routine.  If you’re on-the-go, check out our 5 Favorite Post-Workout Stretches.

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Post-Workout Nutrition Tips from a Nutrition Coach

By: Jen Elliott


What do I eat after workout? Do I have to eat something, even if I’m not hungry? How long can I wait before I need to eat after a workout?

As a wellness coach and group fitness instructor, I receive a host of different questions around post-workout nutrition. The basic answer is a post-workout meal or snack should be a top priority in your workout program. When working out, doing awesome videos you can find right here on the Booya site, you are using your body’s energy stores. The body stores energy in the form of glycogen, for use during a workout. While the end result of a resistance training program will be stronger and hopefully larger muscles, the process of lifting weights is actually tearing your muscles.

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Heather Dorak’s Top 5 Post-Workout Products

By: Heather Dorak

In busy Los Angeles, for me, and many others in my classes, we don’t have the time to run home to shower and clean up before tackling the next task of the day.  I tend to do errands right after my workout or pop on over to one of my other studios to take care of business or just say hi to some smiling, hard-working faces.  Below are a few of my favorite freshening post-workout picks that’ll leave you beautiful and confident, instead of looking like you just stepped off of a reformer.

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