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6 Reasons to Stay Fit During Your Pregnancy

Almost all women can, and should, take part in about 30 minutes of moderate to light exercise per day. There are so many reasons why women should continue to exercise once they become pregnant, so we’ve picked out the top 6 benefits that will come from a good workout during your pregnancy.

  1. Energy Booster

It seems like since you have been pregnant, you always feel more tired than usual. Light exercise can help boost your energy throughout the day because it strengthens both your muscles and your cardiovascular system, making both everyday chores or a day in the office easier.

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Are You Expecting? 5 Reasons to Stay Active During Your Pregnancy

Remaining active throughout your pregnancy is great for both your baby and you. Desi Bartlett, Certified Personal Trainer and Registered Yoga Instructor, explains some of the many benefits of prenatal exercise.



Easier Labor and Delivery

Desi says that most mothers report an easier labor and delivery after exercising throughout their pregnancies. The endurance and core strength you’ll develop help to better prepare your body for the physical demands of labor.



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