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Brian with Rowers

5 Things to Consider When Doing Rowing Workouts

Dubbed as “the new spinning”, rowing is one fast-growing workout trend with rowing studios and classes popping up across the country.  In this guide, we’ve got all the details about this workout trend from top-notch instructors.

What Makes Rowing So Awesome?

Molly Setnick from Crowbar Cardio in Dallas calls rowing a “a major calorie-burner, toner, and strengthener” because it uses pretty much every muscle in your body.  Tish Watson from WeRow  in Minneapolis adds that rowing uses about 84% of your muscle mass, incorporating a ” a leg press, a deadlift and an upper body row”, which means you get a great calorie burn while also building strength. Katelyn Woodard from Row & Ride in Hanover, MA also says anyone can row because it’s such a low-impact activity and the class environment creates a team atmosphere that keeps you going.

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