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Want to Work Out in Your Apartment? Try these Quiet Fitness Moves

Just because you can’t be loud doesn’t mean you can’t get a great workout in.  Try these quiet moves, and you’ll have no angry neighbors banging on your door.  We promise.


Kettlebell Swing // Soho Strength Lab Dumbell/Kettlebell Power Lab

The kettlebell swing is a great multitasking move that will improve strength while also spiking your heart rate.  To perform this move, keep a loose grip on your kettlebell and keep your legs about hip width apart.  Bring the kettlebell between your legs, hinging at the hips.  Next, swing the kettlebell upwards, using your hips to generate the momentum.

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From Our Founder: Soho Strength Lab


As a relatively new entrant to the New York fitness scene, Soho Strength Lab (‘SSL’) has already been featured in several national publications, making a name for itself as a “best new boutique” with celebrity clients clamoring over Andy’s functional fitness techniques.

From my perspective (i.e. a normal person), the SSL workouts have the ability to tap into your inner child. Andy’s speed and sports conditioning workouts have drills that make you feel like you’re on the playground; he doesn’t make you suffer through thousands of burpees, instead he coaches you through dynamic movements that feel natural to the way you want to move. In his more intensive weight-based workouts, Andy doesn’t burn you out in one fail swoop. The SSL workouts are always designed in ‘complexes’ or ‘circuits’ that have complementary exercises to minimize exhaustion. For example, after a series of high-impact lunges, he will take you through a lower-impact core movement so you can catch your breath and recover.

I’m always amazed by how much I genuinely have fun in Andy’s class and with these videos. Don’t get me wrong – the workouts are super challenging and you’ll see some pretty inspiring gorgeous men and women in his videos, but Andy’s coaching style and routines are truly accessible to all fitness levels.

Because we love Andy so much, we’ve actually filmed 7 workouts with their team.  Here is a brief description of each workout:

Plyometric Sports Conditioning: Shred and tone your legs and increase your athleticism with an intense workout that’s designed to burn fat.

Dumbbell Burnout: Get stronger by using dumbbells for incremental time and rep-based intervals.

MetCon Lab: Andy adds his creative flare to six dynamic exercises that become increasingly challenging as you progress through each round, giving you a great total body workout.

Speed Lab: Tap into your inner athlete with 20 fun, cardio drills you’ll recognize from the field.

Endurance Lab: Challenge your muscular endurance and core stability while improving mobility and flexibility with this rejuvenating workout.

50-Min Power Lab: With a full 50 minute workout you’ll get a great warm-up that leads into ab work, a lifting circuit, a dumbbell complex and then a tough, big finisher to burn fat and build muscle.

Dumbbell / Kettlebell Power Lab: These dumbbell / kettlebell exercises will really challenge your cardio exertion and your strength in each circuit, targeting both the upper and lower body.

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