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6 Reasons to Stay Fit During Your Pregnancy

Almost all women can, and should, take part in about 30 minutes of moderate to light exercise per day. There are so many reasons why women should continue to exercise once they become pregnant, so we’ve picked out the top 6 benefits that will come from a good workout during your pregnancy.

  1. Energy Booster

It seems like since you have been pregnant, you always feel more tired than usual. Light exercise can help boost your energy throughout the day because it strengthens both your muscles and your cardiovascular system, making both everyday chores or a day in the office easier.

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Your Guide to Pregnancy Safe-Exercise

We know that staying active during pregnancy is great for both your and your baby, but it is important to be safe.  Desi Bartlett, Certified Personal Training and Registered Yoga Instructor, says that any amniotic fluid leakage, bleeding, or fainting means to stop immediately and see your doctor.  Desi also says that if you begin to experience a little lightheadedness, round ligament pain, overheating, or increased nausea, it may be a sign to slow down and check with your health professional.  Following the above guidelines and the care of your healthcare professional, the following activities are ones that are recommended during pregnancy to stay active.




Desi says that yoga is great during pregnancy because it provides a tremendous amount of strength, flexibility, coordination, and a deep sense of inner tranquility.  By practicing yoga with a prenatal instructor, you’ll be led through moves that are safe and effective during pregnancy.  In general, moves that have you lying flat on your back should be avoided.  You’ll also want to be careful not to stretch too far as your joints are more flexible during pregnancy.  Go for a gentle yet effective stretch. Continue reading

How to Stay Active During Your Pregnancy

Exercising while you’re pregnant can increase your energy, reduce discomfort and even improve labor! Emma Moyer, blogger at Be Mom Strong, ACE Certified Personal Trainer and Group Fitness Instructor and mom of two, says working out during pregnancy helped give her a boost of energy.  She says staying active throughout her pregnancy  also helped her to avoid gaining unnecessary weight, maintain a positive attitude and cut down on back pain.  Follow her tips for staying active during pregnancy.

Start Exercising Before You Get Pregnant

Emma says it’s important to start exercising before you get pregnant. This can help with conception, and also ensures that your body is in its best shape during the early stages of pregnancy.  She points out that even just getting out and walking everyday can have a great effect on mom and baby’s brain development.


Pay Attention to How You Feel

Emma stresses that it’s really important to listen to your  body when you’re working out during pregnancy, and to stop if you experience any pain or symptoms your doctor has warned you about.  Check with your doctor, and consider switching to a more low-impact activity if you get the okay.  Emma also says to not go by the age-old tale of staying below a certain heart rate and, instead, focus on how you feel.  She also recommends avoiding higher impact activities if you are at risk of falling.


Go Low-Impact

You don’t need a high-impact activity to get a great workout.  Emma says that walking every day is a great activity to keep up while you are pregnant.  She also suggests yoga, pilates and barre classes because they are low impact.  These activities also help to keep you strong, which can help reduce discomfort during pregnancy and prepare your body for labor.  Swimming and dancing are other low-impact options.


Try Tabata

If you’re feeling great and get the okay from your doctor, Emma suggests trying Tabata training.  Tabata training is a four-minute round that consists of 20 seconds of activity followed by 10 seconds of rest that is repeated eight times during the four-minute round.  Emma says Tabata is great because it’s quick and super effective.


Prepare for Labor

Emma says that squats help to build the muscles necessary for labor, while boosting your backside!  She also says that pelvic floor exercises are great for preparing for labor.  Try kegals and pelvic tilts.


Looking for a prenatal workout routine?  Try the Fit Mama Prenatal Workout!