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Benefits of Cardio With Strength Training

If you’ve tried one of our workouts that combine strength training and cardio like Brooklyn Bridge Boot Camp: Slim & Strong Drills or Flex Studio TRX Inspired Workout, you know how intense they can be.  The good news is that putting yourself through a tough workout that mixes cardio and strength intervals has many benefits.

You’ll Be a Fat-Burning Machine

As Brooklyn Bridge Bootcamp says, “Conventional cardio programs burn muscle, not fat, and thus don’t provide the lasting results you’re looking for”.  Instead, strength training intervals will help to build the lean muscle mass that helps your body burn fat – even hours after your workout is complete!

You’ll Burn a Ton of Calories

By completing strength training moves during your rest periods of cardio, you’ll be burning more calories than if you just took a complete rest.  This makes it an efficient form of exercise for when you’re short on time!

You’ll Build Your Endurance

If you do steady state cardio for a longer period of time, you’re not able to push yourself as hard as you would in a short but intense interval.  By incorporating cardio intervals into your strength training, you’ll improve your cardiovascular fitness while getting a total-body workout.

You’ll Boost Your Metabolism

Intense intervals followed by less intense intervals help to stimulate your body’s production of human growth hormone.  This means that your body will continue to burn calories for up to 24-48 hours after your workout.

From Our Founder: ChaiseFitness

The ladies of Chaise are true inventors. With a patented design on a chair and overhead bungee system, mother-daughter co-founders Lauren & Rachel combine elements of Pilates, ballet and aerobics for a workout that creates long, lean muscles. ChaiseFitness is one of the most popular group fitness classes in New York City, with a price tag of a whopping $39 per session.


When I first experienced Chaise, I definitely felt out of my comfort zone because the workout requires a lot of balance and grace (my height makes me somewhat of an awkward mover). Despite being a low-impact workout, sweat poured off of me thanks to the continuous hold and pulse sequences. Clearly one of the most innovative workouts in the market (check out their press to see for yourself), I wanted to find a way to feature the studio’s core principles and derive a workout suitable for the at-home or on-the-go user.

Rachel and Lauren had experience in designing workouts for personal clients, so coming up with Booya videos was a piece of cake for them. Utilizing a theraband to simulate the overhead bungee system, they were able to choreograph two workouts: ChaiseSculpt and Flex & Flow. As a former dancer, Rachel curated a great soundtrack and the movements are perfectly in sync with the music, making you feel like you’re in a real class.

Check them out and tell us what you think!

From Our Founder: Brooklyn Bridge Boot Camp

I have a special place in my heart for Brooklyn Bridge Boot Camp (BBBC) founder Ariane Hundt. She was the first brand to join Booya and is one of the most optimistic, positive people I have ever worked with.


Fundamentally, BBBC workouts epitomize Booya core philosophical tenants: efficiency, total body, portable and transformative. Easily the toughest workouts we offer on our platform, BBBC’s videos will challenge your willpower. However, Ariane Hundt is funny, approachable and continuously reiterates that her workouts are not about perfection. She wants you to get stronger and better with each workout, making progress to add reps or graduate to a heavier weight over time. Continue reading