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Stress-Busting Hacks

We all know just how overwhelming stress can be – and thinking about managing your stress can quickly cause even more stress!  If you’re needing a little extra help to wind down, these simple tips are great to keep in your arsenal.

Practice Gratitude

While staying positive is a great way to combat stress, it’s not quite that easy!  Taking the time to practice gratitude is a great way to help train your brain to notice the positives.  We suggest keeping a gratitute journal, where you get into the practice of writing down 3-5 things each day that you are thankful for.  Before you know it, you’ll find that you’ll begin to find the good that is around you.  Because not every day is good, but there is good in every day!

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Best Tips To Improve Your Sleep

Getting less than 8 hours of shut-eye each night can have devastating effects on your health and can result in difficulty focusing, reduced immunity, moodiness and even weight gain.  If you’re suffering from insomnia, no need to worry – we’ve got top tips for getting your Zzzz’s on.


Create a Sleep Schedule

If you’re like most people, chances are you turn in earlier during the week, while weekends mean later nights and sleeping in.  While the weekend may sound like the perfect opportunity to catch up on your sleep, it turns out that this can do more harm than good.  Having a consistent sleep schedule is the best way to help yourself fall asleep.

Sleep Schedule Checklist

  • Begin winding down and doing a relaxing activity like reading or coloring an hour before you plan to hit the hay.
  • Go to bed and set your alarm for the same time everyday to set your internal clock.
  • If you don’t fall asleep within 20 minutes of heading to bed, get up and do a relaxing activity.  Tossing and turning can lead to frustration, which makes it even more difficult to fall asleep.
  • Use natural light to help set your body’s clock by exposing yourself to light during the morning and throughout the day, and turning down artificial lights (especially blue light from tech devices) prior to bed.
  • Avoid daytime naps if you are having trouble falling asleep at night.
  • If you have jet lag or are having trouble with your sleep-wake cycle, consider using a natural melatonin supplement to reset your internal clock.

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5 Surprising Ways Stress Affects Your Health and How to Combat Them

What Is Stress?

Whether it’s a short term frustration like a long line at Starbucks or a major life event like a divorce, psychological stress can affect our bodies.

Though a little bit of stress is certainly more than normal, about 70% of doctor visits and 80% of serious illnesses are exacerbated by stress.

The good news is that exercise, meditation and more can reduce the impact of stress on your life. Here are 5 ways stress can affect your body.

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