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How to Order a Lower-Calorie Iced Coffee

iced coffee

Warm weather means cold coffee. While coffee itself has just 2 calories per serving, the addition of milk, sugary syrups and whipped cream topping can an extra 400-600 calories onto your drink. Skip the sugar and fat that comes along with some popular iced coffee drinks with a few easy tricks.

Keep your coffee from turning into a dessert:

– Black coffee means no calories but if you’re craving something sweeter reach for a Splenda or Stevia packet.

– When adding milk, stick to skim milk or unsweetened almond milk. Soy milk actually has 130 calories and 13 grams of sugar per cup.

– If you want a flavor boost from one of the flavored syrups, opt for sugar-free.

– Many coffee shops have flavored coffee varities. The beans are flavored before brewing so you’ll get all the great flavor without the calories.

– Use the cinnamon and nutmeg shakers by the straws and milk dispensers to kick up your drink.

– Ask for your traditional iced coffee to be put in the blender. You’ll get the same consistency as a blended sugary drink that can have upwards of 500 calories.

– Say no to the whipped cream swirl and caramel drizzle when offered, we promise it’s not worth the calories.

– It’s okay to have an occasional indulgence, just don’t make it a part of your morning routine.


photo credit: Elizabeth Zavoyskiy

How to Arrive at Your Travel Destination Looking Like a Rockstar


The sun is out and it’s time for vacations and weekend trips. Since getting to your spot is half the battle, these tips will make sure you arrive at your destination feeling refreshed. Booya’s very own Zander Gladish has a few tricks to help you tackle your travelling plans whether you’re flying, driving or taking the train.

1. Get a good night’s sleep: Traveling can be exhausting as it is so make sure you get some rest before heading to your destination.

2. Hydrate: Focus on drinking a lot of water the day before you leave and try to keep alcohol and coffee to a minimum. In addition, bring a big water bottle with you and, if you’re flying, don’t be afraid to keep asking the flight attendant for more water!

3. Keep moving: While in the air or on a train, keep your blood flowing by walking up and down the aisle and getting up to stretch your legs. If you’re on a road trip, be sure to make a few scenic stops to let your body recover.

To ensure your vacation stays active and healthy, explore the neighborhood or city you’re visiting by going on a run or hike. Plus, all of the Booya workouts can be done in the comfort of your hotel room.