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What is the Best Workout for My Body?

Like diets, one exercise routine does not fit all.  Some folks swear by a vegan diet while others are fully dedicated to Paleo.  While there are tried and true techniques and approaches to both diets and exercise, it’s important to find the routine that fits you best.  A foundation and basic understanding of the specifics of each workout is helpful. This also means trying a few styles before you pick which one is best for you.  Just as a diet often consists of eating healthy, well-balanced meals, it is also important to focus on a well-rounded workout routine that incorporates stretching, strengthening and cardio.  Be sure to change up your schedule once in a while since your body needs variation to keep burning fat and calories.  Beyond that, the best workout is one that you can commit to.


Consistency is the key to maintaining your physique but it is also one of the hardest things to achieve.  The latest fitness craze can be exciting but if you quickly loose interest you’ll also loose motivation to move from your couch. Start with an activity that excites you.  What do you love to do?  That is what you should commit to doing because you are most likely to keep it up.


Don’t be afraid to mix things up. A favorite workout from the past two or three years might not be resonating with you anymore, and that is perfectly normal.  Listen to those signs and adjust accordingly.  If you find your body no longer craves a specific workout or if you are getting bored, try something new.

Developing a consistent routine means being motivated on a daily basis to complete a workout you love.

– Zander Gladish


From Our Founder: Avoiding the Fear of Missing Out

Fomo pic

I think my biggest victory this year has been beating the emotion of “FOMO”. FOMO stands for Fear of Missing Out and it embodies itself in every aspect of life—career, relationships, society etc. I struggle the most with social FOMO. There were so many Friday nights when I’d come home from a long work week and all I’d want to do was sit on my couch, catch up on my DVR, and drink a big glass of wine. But on my way home, I’d pass bustling bars and restaurants, full of friends, couples, whomever. I felt ‘lame’ about my decision to stay home, and somehow let myself feel bad about taking the de-stressing time I knew I needed. But when Saturday morning came around, I felt rested, happy, and excited for the rest of the weekend—I never once regretted my decision to stay in.

This year has been particular challenging. With two full-time jobs (both as founder of Booya and as an MBA student) and limited funds (bootstrapping the startup and paying for tuition, ouch), I have had to forgo a lot of parties, nice dinners, global excursions, etc. Tough life right?  I realize that I probably sound ridiculous but when most of your friends are attending these events, you certainly worry that you’re missing out on the entire purpose of business school.

Yet, somehow, I’ve never felt happier. I’m finally working on something I’m so passionate about that it actually feels FUN (vs. my former life where I’d get a horrific case of the Sunday night blues). I’m in a wonderful relationship (my first!) and have companionship on those lame ‘nights in’. And I’m still making an effort to see friends—I just make sure the event is over dinner and not at a loud, crowded bar or club. And it’s funny, I don’t actually think I’m alone as evidenced by numerous Buzzfeed posts. So now, every time I start to have that conversation with myself in my head about missing out and peer pressure, I take a deep breathe, set an intention for the following day, and justify my decision to do what I want in that moment.

My good friend Alana calls this ‘pruning’. From the ages of say 18-25, we’d sign up for everything and 25% of activities we’d realize we didn’t enjoy. We’d probably give in to peer pressure and do those dreaded activities a few more times (hoping we were wrong the first time). But soon we learn and now while we may “do less”, we enjoy each activity so much more.

So along those lines, my main resolution for 2014 is to feel happy with the journey and care less about the outcome. I think this is a perfect 2014 goal for me because prior to business school, I had a much clearer path (good school – great jobs – elite graduate school). Now I’ve completely redefined my purpose to start and grow Booya into a profitable business, helping individuals improve their health along the way. But that road will be long with a lot of low moments and undefined milestones, so I’ve got to find ways to find happy moments in the day-to-day small wins.

What are your goals?

5 Reasons Fitness is Great for Your Well-Being


Brit Rettig, host of GRIT by Brit understands that fitness isn’t just about working out, it’s also about general wellness and personal well-being.

I know I’m always talking about the external, physical benefits of working out (6 pack by summer, J-lo legs, Michelle Obama arms), but let’s not forget about all of the ways that fitness helps us on the inside.  Maintaining our mental health is critical for overall wellness.  Here are the top 5 non-physical reasons I believe exercise is a mental health miracle drug.  Keep these in mind during your next sweat session!

  1. Super Self-confidence:Pushing through physcial challenges gives us confidence which spills over into other areas of life.  Nothing is sexier than confidence!
  2. Less Stress: Studies show that the most common mental benefit of exercise is stress relief.  Boss getting on your nerves?  Go walk it off.  Angry is not a good look.
  3. More Memory: A good sweat session boosts our memory capacity and brain power.  Jocks are smarter after all…and smart is HOT
  4. Addiction Control: Since our brains releases dopamine “the happy chemical” during exercise, we get a natural high – goodbye addictions!
  5. Real Relaxation: Moderate exercise can have the same effect on your body as a sleeping pill.  Who needs chemical drugs for a little R&R?  Not us!