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Top HIIT Moves

We’re big fans of HIIT thanks to its ability to burn mega calories in less time.  To amp up your usual strength training routine, add 30 second to 1 minute intervals of these high-intensity moves to get your heart pumping like crazy.  By recovering with a strength training move, you’ll help improve your endurance and increase your metabolism.


Jump Rope

This basic movement is an awesome calorie burner, burning up to 10 calories per minute!  You can also expect increased coordination, plus its awesome for building bone density.  As you jump rope, be sure to keep your elbows pulled in and your chin tucked.  Ensure that you land softly each time and, to take up the intensity, increase your jump rate or switch to high knees.

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7 Travel-Friendly Resistance Band Moves for Total Body Toning

Whether you’re traveling for the holidays, always on-the-go or simply looking for a convenient workout, the resistance band is an awesome tool.  Small enough to easily slip in your bag and cost effective, resistance bands don’t rely on gravity to provide resistance like dumbbells do, meaning that you can complete more functional movements across different planes of movement to challenge your body in a different way.  Sound good?  Try these top moves from the Booya library which incorporate multiple muscle groups into a single exercise to burn even more calories.


DSC_0022 DSC_0023

Plie Squat with Triceps Press

Engage your inner thighs by holding a plie squat while toning up your triceps using the resistance band!  Begin in a wide stance, toes turned out as your lower your body towards the floor and lift the band overhead, keeping your hands wide.  Side bend, letting your bottom arm drop as an anchor and then bend your top elbow and then press to perform a triceps press. Repeat on the other side.

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