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Your Guide to Aerial Workouts

Getting airborne and trying an aerial fitness class is fun – but it’s also a serious workout!  Here’s our complete guide to getting airborne.

Types of Aerial Workouts

Aerial Yoga – Perhaps the most well-known aerial workout, aerial yoga incorporates principles of yoga like breathing and meditation while you perform a variety of moves supported by the hammock.

Aerial Barre – Aerial barre is like a typical barre class – only without the barre.  You can expect plenty of core and leg burning moves, just using the hammock instead of a barre for support.  Because the hammock can support you in different ways and move with you, you can get a greater range of motion than you would in a traditional barre workout.

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Top HIIT Moves

We’re big fans of HIIT thanks to its ability to burn mega calories in less time.  To amp up your usual strength training routine, add 30 second to 1 minute intervals of these high-intensity moves to get your heart pumping like crazy.  By recovering with a strength training move, you’ll help improve your endurance and increase your metabolism.


Jump Rope

This basic movement is an awesome calorie burner, burning up to 10 calories per minute!  You can also expect increased coordination, plus its awesome for building bone density.  As you jump rope, be sure to keep your elbows pulled in and your chin tucked.  Ensure that you land softly each time and, to take up the intensity, increase your jump rate or switch to high knees.

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4 Foam Roller Workout Moves for Today’s Brides

While you may often think of foam rolling for recovery, it turns out that your foam roller is also a versatile workout tool.  Because of its shape, adding the foam roller to your favorite exercises creates instability which further challenges your muscles and balance and requires you to use that core.


Target the glutes and hamstrings with this move, which uses the foam roller to activate all those stabilizing muscles.  Begin laying on your back, arms at your side and feet resting shoulder-width apart on the foam roller.  On an exhale, drive through your heels, lifting your hips to the sky and keeping your abs tight for stability.  To make things more difficult, extend one leg for a single-legged bridge.


This multi-purpose exercise  works the entire core as well as the back of the arms.  Begin seated on the floor, legs extended and ankles resting on your foam roller.  Keeping your wrists under your shoulders, lift into a reverse plank.  Maintaining this arm position, pull your hips through your arms, allowing the foam roller to roll over your calves.  Reverse the movement to return to the starting position. Be sure to keep your neck relaxed throughout the movement, and don’t round your back.


Like a traditional push-up, this move is great for toning up that upper body and core to show off in your dress!  Begin in a traditional push-up position, hands under shoulders and shoulder-width apart on the roller.  Keeping your abs pulled in, bend your elbows as you lower your chest towards the floor, performing a push-up.  Exhale as you press back up into the starting position, keeping your body straight the whole time. If this is too difficult, modify by lowering your knees to the floor.

Opposite Hand to Leg

For a swoon-worthy midsection, this exercise is perfect because it targets your upper abs, lower abs and obliques at the same time! Begin by laying on the foam roller vertically so the top is resting between your shoulder blades, arms and legs extended.  On an exhale, lift your left leg and right arm from the ground, crunching through your obliques as your leg and arm meet in the middle of your body.  Be sure to repeat on the other side!