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From Our Founder: Why We Love David Barton Gym


Look Better Naked. That’s David Barton Gym’s (DBG) mantra for their gyms and a major motivation behind the grind of an exercise routine. DBG locations are known for their club-like atmosphere with dark lighting, pumping techno music and beautiful fixtures that have made this brand iconic. Continue reading

From Our Founder: CrossFlowX


Heidi Kristoffer came onto my radar because of her incredible resume: featured columnist and expert in Shape Magazine, positive reviews on sites like DoYouYoga, MindBodyGreen, and RateYourBurn, and over 15,000 social media followers and fans. In addition, we wanted more fusion yoga content for our core customers who are active but don’t define their exercise routines exclusively by yoga.

Heidi created CrossFlowX after years of people asking her what class she loved, and not having an answer. Heidi blends all of her favorite things into one class: strength, core, inversion and arm-balance-focused yoga flows, plus high intensity cardio intervals, and traditional Kundalini kriyas.

We currently feature two CrossFlowX workouts on BooyaFitness.com. I found these workouts to be extremely accessible to all fitness levels, and Heidi’s energy and coaching helped me explore movements that fell slightly outside of my comfort zone for an extra core benefit. I love these workouts for mid-week lulls, when the fatigue of my day-to-day starts to wear on me, and I need something lighter and emotionally uplifting to get through the latter part of the week.

Check them out and tell us what you think!

From Our Founder: Why We Love Throwback Fitness

Hanging around

Remember the days when you’d play freeze tag on the playground? While sprinting for your life (or so it felt like), you hardly realized what an incredible cardio workout you were getting. With that in mind, the guys at Throwback Fitness have created a competition-inspired workout program for Booya Fitness.

When they pitched me the workout concept, I immediately thought of couples and roommates who could complete the workout together. Truth be told, I’m not really a competitive person (my friends may disagree here), as I tend to be focused on holding myself to my own benchmarks, not those set by others. That said, I love getting the chance to spend time with friends or a significant other while getting a great workout done.

The Throwback Challenge begins with a time-based challenge. Your goal is to get better and stronger with each round (so keep track of your reps!). If you’re working with a partner, you have a little extra motivation to try to beat them, too.

Coach Brian then transitions to a “deck of cards” challenge. He’ll draw a card and you’ll be expected to complete the exercises in the allotted time period for each round. If you don’t finish a round, you’ll have some penalty burpees to do at the end of the sesson.

All throughout the workout, you’ll hear some great throwback tunes from the 90s. If you have any requests for new tracks you want to hear—let us know! All in all, this is a great HIIT workout. The time literally flies by as you work every muscle group, burn a ton of calories, and hopefully earn some serious bragging rights.