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Best Stress-Relieving Yoga Poses

While stress relief is often one of the first things you think of when you think of yoga, the truth is that while more athletic forms of yoga are awesome for getting out tension, there are certain poses that are better for cultivating relaxation and helping you get your zen on.  The next time you’re feeling overwhelmed, roll out your mat and practice these poses to help soothe tense muscles and calm your mind.


Child’s Pose

Child’s pose is a restful pose that you can always come back to in your practice and is also great for stretching out the hips and low back and soothing the digestive system.  Being kneeling on the floor, knees about shoulder-width apart. Exhale as you stretch back, resting back on your thighs and letting your shoulders relax.  If you are particularly tense throughout the upper back and neck, use a bolster or folded blanket to rest your torso and forehead on.  Begin holding the pose for about 30 seconds, and gradually progress.

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What Type of Yoga is Right for Me?

We love yoga for its ability to increase strength, improve flexibility and create that mind-body connection.  However, if you’re new to yoga or simply looking to explore new styles, looking at the class schedule can be overwhelming.  Check out this guide to help choose the types of yoga that you’re most likely to fall in love with.



Best for: Beginners or anyone looking to try yoga

Hatha is another word for poses, and most Western Yoga classes will fall under the style of “Hatha”. There is a sense of balance within each of the hatha yoga poses, with you finding the place between opposing forces and really working even while holding a static pose.

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Yoga Poses for Back Pain

7 Yoga Poses To Curb Back Pain

If you’ve got back pain, you’re not alone.  According to a recent survey, approximately one-third of all Americans suffer from neck or back conditions that cause them pain.  Now, there’s a ton of ways to heal a lower back, especially if it becomes chronic – including heating/icing, medication, rest or even posture correction.  But, what seems to be really effective is participating in a relaxing exercise routine – like Yoga.

Studies have shown that incorporating yoga exercises into your daily routine – especially ones that focus on stretching the body out – help with maintenance of lower back pain and promote overall wellness.

But what types of poses are beneficial and easy to do?  Lucky for you we have 7 easy and simple poses that you can build into your workout routine.

yoga poses for back pain

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