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The 5 Best Exercises to Do with a Partner

Research has shown that exercising with a partner increases your motivation and helps you work harder, while also making your workouts more enjoyable.  Sound good?  Try these exercises with a partner and you’ll both get a great burn on.

High Five

This move works your upper body and also engages your core.  Begin in a push up position, facing your partner.  Lower your chest to the ground, as you both complete a push-up.  Once back to the top, extend one hand to give your partner a high five.  Repeat, alternating the hand used to give a high five.

Over and Under

This is a great partner moves that works your legs, shoulders and core.  Grab a dumbbell or medicine ball and stand back-to-back with your partner.  Together, squat down and pass the weight through to your partner.  Standing back up, your partner will now extend their arms overhead and pass the weight back to you.  Be sure to switch directions halfway through your reps.

Seated Twist

The seated twist really works deep into your obliques.  For this move, you’ll both sit with your backs facing each other, legs extended and with a slight bend in your knees.  To engage your core, lean back slightly.  Holding a weight in your hand, twist to one side, handing the weight to your partner, and then twist back to the other side to receive the weight from your partner.  Be sure to switch sides to ensure both sides are worked evenly.

Press and Row

Grab a resistance band for this exercise that’ll work your arms.  One partner will stand in front holding the two handles of the resistance band, while the other partner will stand behind, holding the middle of the resistance band with two hands.  Simultaneously, the partner in front will complete a press, extending the arms out in from of the shoulders, while the partner in back will complete a row, keeping the elbows tucked into the sides.  Switch positions half way through.


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Squat & Leg Lift

This combination move allows one partner to work on their quads and glutes, while the other partner does ab work.  Begin with Partner A lying down and Partner B standing, with Partner A’s hands wrapped around Partners B’s ankles for support.   As partner A lowers into a squat, partner B will extend their legs up, tapping Partner A’s hands.  Next, Partner A will return to standing, as Partner B lowers their legs.  Repeat, making sure to switch positions.

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