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Spring Into Action: Top 6 Motivational Tips

Struggling with motivation?  While it’s totally common to feel a little uninspired every now and then when it comes to your health, we want to help you get back on track.  Check out these top tips to help you get your sweat on this spring.


Mix Things Up

If you’re always doing the same gym routine, it can be really easy to get into a rut.  Trying new things is a great way to mix up your workout, plus you’ll get the added benefit of better results from challenging your body in different ways.  If you love getting your zen on with yoga, why not try a fun cardio dance class instead?  If running is more your thing, try taking a spin class to work your legs in a different way.

Journal It Out

If the thought of journaling makes you groan, don’t worry!  The trend of bullet journaling is a super-quick way to get started if the idea of writing in a journal seems overwhelming.  Adding your workout routine, goals and meal plans to a journal or planner is a great way for you to lay everything out and make a date with yourself.  It’s also the perfect place for you to focus on why you want to make healthier choices, keeping the big picture in check.

Use Social Media to Your Advantage

While we often think of social media as something that may distract you from your workout, you can actually use it as a tool to help yourself stay fit.  When we put our plans out there, we’re more likely to stay accountable to those goals we set – even if no one holds you in check!  So, be sure to Instagram your pre-workout meal or let your followers know about your plans to head to a yoga class after work.  If you’re really feeling uninspired, there’s plenty of #Fitspiration to motivate you to get up and go.

Treat ‘Yo Self

Sure, good health and confidence is a gift in and of itself, but sometimes we need a little extra incentive.  Setting up a treat for yourself is a great way to motivate yourself to stick to your plan and hit those goals.  May we suggest some killer new activewear or a subscription to Booya Fitness?


Get Outside

If you’ve been cooped up for most of the winter, why not take advantage of the sunshine and take your workout outside?  Research has shown that exercising outside can help boost your mood and improve your energy, leading to a better overall workout.  Plus, it gives you the opportunity to try new workouts such as cycling or hiking.

Commit to Be Fit

We all know how much easier it is to be motivated when we have a clear deadline in mind, which is why making a commitment can really be helpful when you’re trying to improve your overall health.  Signing up for a race is the perfect way to make this commitment, knowing that you’ll have to train in order to get prepped.  Registering with a group ups the ante even more.


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