Want to Work Out in Your Apartment? Try these Quiet Fitness Moves

Just because you can’t be loud doesn’t mean you can’t get a great workout in.  Try these quiet moves, and you’ll have no angry neighbors banging on your door.  We promise.


Kettlebell Swing // Soho Strength Lab Dumbell/Kettlebell Power Lab

The kettlebell swing is a great multitasking move that will improve strength while also spiking your heart rate.  To perform this move, keep a loose grip on your kettlebell and keep your legs about hip width apart.  Bring the kettlebell between your legs, hinging at the hips.  Next, swing the kettlebell upwards, using your hips to generate the momentum.


Knee Drivers // HIIT with ReXist 360

Knee drivers are a great cardio move that doesn’t require jumping around, and also help to improve core strength.  Begin standing with your arms above your head.  Exhale as you bring your arms done, driving your knee towards your hands.  Focus on speed to really boost your heart rate.  Repeat on the other side.


Hammer Curl to Shoulder Press // Brooklyn Bridge Boot Camp Arms, Abs, Legs & Butt!

Burn out your arms with this intense compound arm exercise from Brooklyn Bridge Boot Camp.  Begin kneeling on your mat, with a soft grip on your weights.  Turn your palms to face each other and perform a hammer curl.  At the top of your curl, push the dumbells up into a shoulder press.  Repeat.


Mountain Climbers // Shrink Session Signature Cardio Dance

Get down on the floor for mountain climbers!  Begin in a plank position, and pull your knees into your chest, running your legs.  Not only does this give you an great cardio workout while keeping things quiet, but it also activates your core for stability.


Leg Lift with Tricep Extension // Soho Strength Lab 50-Min Power Lab

This move will work your lower abs while also targeting your triceps.  Begin lying on the floor on your back with your weights in hand and extended over your head, as well as with your legs extended.  Bending your elbows, lower the weights towards the floor, performing a tricep extension. Once you bring your arms to the starting position, control your legs as you lower them towards the floor and back up again, performing a leg lift.  Repeat.

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